Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sad news for "lucky"

Well...a little backround first. I'm an NP who happens to spend a LOT of time in Women's health and Male health services...However...when it comes to kitties...Well, sad to say, but I SUCK!! Little Lucky who I rescued literally from the middle of the yellow line...and cetain death was deemed a female on my first exam. Enter the Son-in-law to be...who (not knowing he has to suck up to me) defied my diagnosis and diagnosed "Lucky" as a MALE!! Well, unbeknownst to me, their little "balls" come down later as opposed to sooner...So my cute lil girl kitty who we girlie talk to is a GUY! Imagine his embarrassment! (Lucky's not the SIL) No wonder she bitches me out every morning in the bathroom. Has been tryin' to tell me "I'm a guy...LOOK you IDIOT, I have BALLS!!" Well, said balls will be removed soon anyway so it is of little importance. How do I make it up to him/her?

Merry Christmas!!

Just proof I still tat. Thanks to all who have sent messages of Hello and Season's greetings! A few ornaments I made last year but never posted and a few new ones. One author I missed remembering...will check again and update as I can!! . My tree can freak the heck outa ya when the lights go out!! I forgot I am the Queen of Glow in the Dark! One night this week I turned out the lights then the tree last! BAM!! Half the tree seems to glow in the dark! I love that the tree will continue to glow for an hour!

I have made some knitted items for Christmas but can't tell you yet because the recipients have not seen them! I can't wait until one person sees the scarf I spun from fiber then knitted in to a scarf! I am so addicted!! Ya think a wheel is in my future? No, not really. I think I really like the mechanics of doing it on the spindle. Have a few knew spindles I will post later.

Have a joyous holiday. I TRULY hope to podcast soon. If not before it is my New Year resolution to get an organized system going. I would love to try some interviews . Any volunteers? Until later, Merry Christmas

Monday, October 27, 2008

Glow-In-The-Dark Christmas!

I have posted this before but wanted to show the white glow in the dark again. The thread is FuFu Glow-in the Dark from Sewing Supply Warehouse. I LOVE it! This season I am going to make a couple simple hankies for my mom as well. She really likes them...or so she says...she would never say no! This Glow-In-The dark fiber REALLY glows a long time.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Back from "Hiatus" Christmas Tatting, knitting and spinning...and of course a new kitten rescue!!

WELL!! Long time no see!! I have been busy with my job and some restructuring there that meant I needed to change some duties and some hours around. I am basically 9-5 but some days it is earlier and somedays later!! I actually have been tatting but you saw that pic before! It is the pink edging still. BUT I am starting my Christmas tatting with some ornaments and maybe a doily? I am going to use some of the millions of beads I have acquired and will show some pics as soon as I get going!
In meantime the top ball of yarn was home spun from a fiber I got at Natural Knits in Pgh. I am making said scarf that you see next to it...A short neck scarf if all I have from this batch but I like short scarfs better than long. The next is the sock Halcyon I mentioned in the podcast...A Toe-up sock really nice and easy!
The blue is a luscious fiber from Lisa Souzza Elecktra. I am spinning it on my Golding Tsunami and an Ashford just cause I can . Don't ask why I am using two spindles...they are actually spinning true to each other.
The last is "Lucky". I rescued her from the middle of the street, literally on the Yellow Line! A car rhew her out on to the road with her other bro or sister! I never found the other so I think someone picked him/her up! Traffic stopped in both directions to allow for me to rescue her!! Now I have 5!!! Good Lord, now what.! I tried to find her a home but no going here and I just decided after rescuing "Meat" what was one more!! I am VERY suspicious she is Meat's daughter...before I had him fixed!!
Tootle-loo til next time!!
Podcast will be up in a day or so...It is on Podbean already...a day later for iTunes! Prizes maybe after next podcast from anyone who posts a comment on iTunes! (Will make a drawing?)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Dublin Bay Socks

I can not believe it is August and I am just now finishing a pair of socks for the Summer Kalcal! Ah well, better late than never!! Now my goal is to blast the hell through this and have another pair before the deadline! Fiddle-dee-dee! Also I have a wee bit more spinning done and this is not even the good stuff! Last night I actually did a damn fine job of it Yeah!! in the foreground is Malchite and it is a dash smaller than worsted weight I think! Think I am going to get a smaller weight spindle...I promise not to get crazy...just to try for the finer weight!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Finally got my podcast updated...sheesh! And Christmas in July.

Wow what a week! I have worked and worked on the damn thing(podcast) and was so techno challenged it just was not gonna happen!! I got it up at last so you should see link in a day or two or per iTunes. I am posting a picture of my gifts in the exchange as well. I got my package from Jon in Malaysia! IWhat I did not know was that the beautiful bag she made was from a piece of fabric used in her wedding garments! It is gorgeous and I am going to post the link about her fabric. She also made the cord knots...hmmmmm a new skill to acquire. Knotting is also such an interesting skill! This picture does not do it justice, however. So I took another so that you can see. Trust me it is really nice!! Take a listen to my cast and stop by the show notes page for the links at The link for the fabric is it is an interesting story, thanks for sharing Jon

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Knitting and ....Spinning?!!

My new passion...spinning. I am soooo bad at it but I am getting better. It is all on Meaghan (I think I miss spelled...will check later) at Stitch-It Podcast!! She starts a section with the simple word "spinning" and I have been had...She uses a wheel but I am using a new Golding Tsunami...It is soooo nice. But, my back hurts my hands hurt my neck hurts...OK I have to stop. My problem...I do too much at a time. So, in one week I have been doing it every day for several hours in the evening! Did ya notice I never post pics of the inside of my house...good thing!

New podcast will be up in a day. As soon as I am done with the second half I will post it up.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Say hello to "Needles" and Summer Kalcal

Say hello to needles and feed him a strawberry but not too many because ya know what too much fruit can do...phew!! People think of the most amazing things don't they. Mark Myers has a cute little kitty who ate a can of food then played with a toy!! Cute.

I am off for a drive to Lake Erie for lunch today! Lovely day, nothin to do. is an hour drive so I am taking my knitting and tatting. Gotta finish my Christmas in July.

Joined the Summer Kalcal From Marly and Sharon. Knit somethin small like socks (me ) or a purse over the summer until September. Give it a look see.
Go do something Fun!!!!!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!

A catch up of Biter, now known as "Meat" who seems to want to live here and for 4000$ I think we earned him!! He is the one who Bit my DD but he actually is as sweet as could be!
The other picture is from our trip to Washington, DC. The Vietnam wall. If you have never been and aon go to DC, I strongly suggest it. What amazing stuff to see. We walked all over the place and my poor knees still feel it! The monuments and the sights are great. I cry as soon as my eyes lit on to the "Wall". We also went to the Holocaust museum. Words can not express how you feel.
My Dad was among the Liberation forces, he drove the General through the gate at Dachau. While he never spoke of it...ever...he did not need to. But, seeing the museum and the artifacts was very moving.
As, DD is a US History teacher, this made it even more fun. I will post a pic from the Civil War museum in Harrisburg. Another really well done museum. They had life-like models all around and it was truly amazing how real it seemed.
I have a new podcast up after a bit of an absense. I am going to focus on some books and pattens, I think and based on some knitting 'casts I have listened to, I am thinking of trying to do some interviews....any takers? I gotta fiigure out how ya' do it first!!
Happy 4th
Added note!!! Thank you to Geri for noting the podcast did not load!! Thanks also for attempting to listen...!!! Yeah!! I have re-loaded the 'cast and it is now working. If you don't see on iTunes today, it is up on podbean. I just checked iTunes and I was able to load it up so...there ya go!!
Thanks again, Geri

Monday, May 26, 2008

New tatted edging and Biter becomes family

Weeeellllllll, Biter had his Rabies shot this weekend so he can officially be around my other kitties. I have accepted the Biter wants to be here, but I wonder about his "other Mommy!" I think he goes to the other place but certainly not today! He came to the door, meowed until we opened the door, went right to the bathroom where he had been secluded looking for his food. Five hours later he is still in the same spot on the couch. Did not even move when I turned on the sweeper. Maybe it is Stockholm Syndrome! The pic is of him lookin in from my flower bed.

I started a new edging patten. I think I have done it before but am not sure. I actually think someone out there in tatting land got it as an exchange. I am making it from Tatted Hankerchiefs (Nikolajsen). It will go with a hanky DD gave me for my birthday she found at a antique shop.

The other pic is my new fav carry case for tatting. Found it at TJ Maxx. Yeah TJ!

Monday, May 19, 2008

This is you know what for you know who (if you listen to the podcast, that is)

See, aint these perty!! I love the vibrant colors...will stink if they get exposed to kitchen bleach but...what ever; at leadt the used to be perty right!! There are tons of patterns out there for wash cloths. I got mine from these two books and on Ravelry.
Can't tell you why these colors except to say they match a certain type of dish..hint, hint?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Oh, Oh...Mr Biter came baaaaa--aack!

Oh oh. Who was outside this morning meow meowing! MR BITER> The inside kitties freaked out and hissed like mad. Then I picked him up...I know but he is sooo cute...and brought him in and they were rolling on each other with glee. Good grief...Now what!! My fault, I know, I need to cut the cord. The little cutey walked right in to his seclusion room looking for his litter box and food...So, I haaaaad to help yes?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mr Biter Goes Home and a new Podcast

Ah, sad!!! Today we let Mr Biter go. He turned out to be the sweetest little guy! He fit in with the other cats like you can not imagine! See how they all sat together! But, he has a family and they are probably missing him too. Sooo we put him down in the backyard and walked away! I wanted to cry to be honest! But, he sat there for a few minutes and we have not seen him since tonight, that is. DD now can stop the shots (2000.00) later that is. Yikes. Unfortunately, we had no choice! Expensive visitor eh? He is the cutey in yellow.
I uploaded another podcast today which should appear to the side box by tomorrow. I hope you enjoy. It is about tatting bookmarks still, knitting my stole, starting double circulars for my socks and washcloths.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Mr Biter, the cat

Don't know if I told ya all the story...Miss DD (26) was patting a neighbor kitty when it latched on and bit her. Problem: Mr Biter is unmarked, unknown owner...unknown rabies status. Sooooo Miss DD is getting rabies shots. BUT I found the kitty, nabbed him while wearing an outfit fit for an Arctic exploration and he is currently residing in our bathroom and in this crate!! I'm keeping the little bastard til I know he does not become crazy. Poor thing is most likely an indoor/outdoor kitty but I am not, can not, take the chance!

Knitted the rest of my Embossed leaves socks. They are sooo comfy. Now am focused on the shawl..Juno Regina...You can't see the detail but it will come along I think.
I am making tatting bookmarks, but I think I am going to start an edging. I have a hankerin' do do makes scallopped edge. Will pick it up later today.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Prom 2008!!

These are two of the pictures my honey created for the Prom this year. The theme is on Top of City Lights. It is like a roof-top party. The Prom is tomorrow. I think they did another FINE job. Remember, it is all in cardboard! I have to say the guy is possessed! With genius that is!!
I am still knitting and tatting. I think I will try the new edging Mark posted on his blog. I think I will be uploading a new episode this week-end. I hope some of you stop over to listen. I have a bunch to tell ya!! Later

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Arrrrgh! I deleted my resume! Need to knit AND tat!

I am working on my resumes to apply for an interview for a newer job. I love my current job but not so much my extra part-time one. I am too old for such hurrying around! LOL. So, I was working on a resume on line and after all the made it go away! Crapperino!!

So, I will work on this new project and see how I do. I also like this new yarn. SO...I think I will work a wee bit more on my stole then, I think I will start a new bookmark, or that edging I mentioned...I have an itch but am not sure where to start.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

International tatting Day (yesterday) and finished socks

Tatting yesterday on International Tatting Day! I did not do much but this is what I am making. Bookmarks for the next exchange. This is from Tatting Lace (Ondori Publisher) I love that book. Too bad I do not understand the language but it is a very nice book!

I finished my RPM's. Don't pay attention to the heels not matching! I ALWAYS match a cut and start in tatting so the threads don't look off! However, I did not notice until I was done that the cuff on one is green and the other pink! Frickety-frack! Ah well, who cares!

My cat Coffee always sits on my printer while I am at the desk so he got his pic taken today! He says Hi!

I am currently working on bookmarks. Next is the woven picot bookmark by Marrie Stoffer. needle (knitting) are working on Juno Regina at And Cascading Leaves from Favorite Socks

I have finished one and hope I will not succumb to second sock syndrome!

To the right you will note a new episode of my podcast. Let me know what you think privately at or on this site. Thanks for listening!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Tatted doilies

The first picture is my frogged Luna Moth shawl Some might not be able to access this picture but it is really gorgeous so I am going to try it again in a solid color. The strong variegate was too much for it. Sooooooo ...I think I am going to do the Juno Regina stole.
I sent out my doilies to my partners about a week or so ago so can post them here now. The top one is Stella Albina, and the lower (orange) is Margerite. Both are from Iris's book Tatting Fantasia. I think the boo boo in the lower left of Margerite is a blocking issue I did not notice until I posted these pics. If not....Sorry!! LOL!! I hear Iris has another book to send to the publisher...waiting with great anticipation for this! If it is all jewelry, I will just buy to have it because I have not started doing jewelry yet...this might inspire though right!! I have a ton of beads I should be doing something with rights guys!!
A new episode of Arlene Tats and Knits should pop up here in a day or so. It is already up, and on iTunes! Enjoy and comment if you want!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Try this with your name

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Arlene!

The National Heart Foundation recommends eating Arlene at least three times a week!
Forty percent of the world's almonds and twenty percent of the world's peanuts are used in the manufacture of Arlene.
Arlene once lost a Dolly Parton lookalike contest.
All swans in England belong to Arlene.
Arlene is actually a fruit, not a vegetable!
Arlene can remain conscious for fifteen to twenty seconds after being decapitated!
Arlene is the world's tallest woman.
The most dangerous form of Arlene is the bicycle.
Arlene has 118 ridges around the edge.
If you blow out all the candles on Arlene with one breath, your wish will come true!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Well, the podcast is up and ready with another ready to go

After some technical problems I have another podcast ready. It should be here by tomorrow and on itunes in a day or so. If you can't see it here it is alo on
I will be talking about what I am working on, how I tat and work and knit. I also have a couple of FOs to post tomorrow if I can. They might be for exchanges so I might wait on that!

Enjoy your weekend!!

Addendum 3/1/08: I checked itunes and Arlene Tats and knits is on board. Don't know why it has not popped up here yet. It should automatically update. I will check back. But if you have itunes it is there as well as the above link!

Monday, February 25, 2008

New podcast this week...No really

I made another podcast was satisfied with it then could not get it uploaded. I think the file was too big so I edited it down but still no go. Sooooo. I am going to re-record and totally record a new one today and try again! So, look for it sometime this week. As you hear, mine are very conversational and patterned after my real life and how I put tatting and knitting in to it. I don't see myself doing instructions. So, any feedback you have will be appreciated. It is kinda fun. I am recording in styles that I persanoally enjoy in others' casts.

Thanks for your comments.

To Carol, the glass display was wonderful. I might post the rest of the pics on Flicker so those of you who want to see other pictures can take a peek. It left this past week from the Phipps.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sending out hearts

Not the "bestest" picture, but hearts go out to ya all...What a pun! Love these patterns. To my hearts content, Teri Dusenbury, and Pineapple split ring heart, Sherry Matthews. Do NOT tell my exchange partners!! Next is doilies for next month and I am using Iris Niebach (yes, AGAIN) Margerite. Picture later.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hearts and doilies and knitting socks

New podcast will be up in a day or so. I think I am doing it right. I uploaded tonight so hopefully will be in the box tomorrow. I am trying to get it on iTunes but they were slow tonight it takes a couple weeks to see it there though. Posting pics later of my heart exchanges...After they get to my partners!! Have a good (rest of) week
It will be here if you do not see it in the box later:

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Now, I did it!

My first (maybe last) podcast is on the right of the post. It is called Arlene Tats and Knits. I hope you all will like it...I am using the conversational style versus instructional. So what we will chat about is what is on the shuttles, needles and how it is in our lives today. I am NOT morbid in any way, nor (too) dirty!! So, the first episode is about when it all began and where it is going. Sounds VERY profound. Please leave messages and if it really sucks email me privately on!! The first episode is about 29 minutes. Thanks and good luck!!

Errata: I think I said Sue Hanson was the coordinator of the exchanges. Dummy, that would be Mary Donahue who can be found at Icela's world. Sorry! I need to take better notes!

Yeah! I did it.

To the right you will see a link to my new podcast called Arlene Tats ans Knits. The first episode is up. It is about 29 minutes so sit back and relax with your shuttles, if you dare. This process is complicated to me right now, so I hope you will bear with me. Looks like I will have to pay for any more casts beyond a very limited number soooo, I will prob do that. It appears to be inexpensive. It took me days to figure it out, but I hope it takes off. I listen to knitting podcasts all the time. It covers me on the way in to work