Monday, February 25, 2008

New podcast this week...No really

I made another podcast was satisfied with it then could not get it uploaded. I think the file was too big so I edited it down but still no go. Sooooo. I am going to re-record and totally record a new one today and try again! So, look for it sometime this week. As you hear, mine are very conversational and patterned after my real life and how I put tatting and knitting in to it. I don't see myself doing instructions. So, any feedback you have will be appreciated. It is kinda fun. I am recording in styles that I persanoally enjoy in others' casts.

Thanks for your comments.

To Carol, the glass display was wonderful. I might post the rest of the pics on Flicker so those of you who want to see other pictures can take a peek. It left this past week from the Phipps.

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