Monday, January 31, 2011

I am Late Because the STEELERS won!!!

For those of you who do not care about football, cover your ears because I am screaming "Steelers Going to the SUPER BOWL!!  Yeah!!  I was intended to podcast last weekend but realized it was a football game and podcast for you!!  Sooooorrrrrrryyyyyyy!  It was a grreat game and I am very excited for them.  I do hope WE win but I am not sure.  I do have lucky socks so that should definitely help, right?
I finished the Wendy Johnson socks..Heart to Heart socks in the red.  Now I am working on the Diamonds and Cables Socks in a purple Knit Picks Gloss as seen on the right.  I am very much enjoying these patterns and will no doubt do more from this book.  I will say the only thing I truly dislike is Short-Row heels...ick..but practice makes perfect.

Tatting, I finally sewed on the edging to the hanky that DD gave me.  I currently have allowed it to live under a glass (EAPG) bowl made by my GrandFathers old place of employ. It really looks nice there for now.  The old antique bowl with a vintage hanky.  What could be better?
This month I will be working on hearts from
Ruffled Heart Pattern Vicki Clarke
Tat's Amore, Martha Ess  scroll down the page
Tatting Hearts, Teri Dusenbury this is an Amazon site.
Spinning, I reviewed
Next "cast I will review
How I Spin, Rita Buchanan also at Interweave
Until then....Enjoy!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sheesh! What a long week!

Phew!  What a tough week.
I heard this week on CBS Morning show that it is difficult to stay positive when it is cold and dark and wintry...NO!  Really??

I feel that if I do not harm someone it will be miraculous because I keep running in to things...big bruise on my knee, keep wanting to "smart-off" to someone!  It is soooo tough to be positive when a  patient berates you for saving them more than 100.00 ....when they wanted it to be free....REALLY?

Ah...well.  It is Pennsylvania and I am pretty sure we will have sunlight no later than July 4th!!  We are constantly diagnosing Vitamin D deficiency here to which I, once again reply....REALLY!!!???  WE HAVE NO SUN!!!

It is so funny to see our fam practice residents from sun-drenched states such as California complaqin that there is no sun here....REALLY??  LOL!! Enough with the reallies!

No 'cast this weekend...coming up next week.  On the needles is still the socks for my DD that I need to rip back yet again.  Maybe I will let it slide.  I have spun a bit but not as much while hand heals.  Tonight I plan to spin and watch more of

Drafting: The Long and Short of It by Abby Fanquemont


How I Spin by Rita Buchanan

I will review them next time...So far I am LOVING the 50.00 I spent on myself to get them.

Until then...Happy Friday

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to every one!!  What a great holiday season we had here...snow, good food, and time to knit...spin...tat!! What could be better.
To the top left is the scarf from handspun finally done!  It went over well with the recipient as well as those she works with.  Below   my youngest DD hand sewed every stitch in this bag that is currrently  
 carrying my knitting projects.  It is really beautiful! Over to the upper right is the Lady and the Stone navajo plied and now making a scarf from Oceanwind Knits; tweed scarf.  I think I found it via Ravelry.

Below that is the January fiber from Crown Mountain. It is South African Top in the colorway "Celtic Glow".  Really pretty fine fluffy fiber spinning so far on a spindle until my hand recovers.
Thanks to StephieJo the winner for December.. I have sent her her goodies.  I still have not heard from "Anne"...let me know gal and we will chat.
Thanks to NewfieCatt Catt's Craftiness for her messages to me this week.  Check out her site for a nice story and some great crochet and knitted goodies!
And Thanks to "Amy" A Joyful Mom who is on Ravelry and stopped by here.  She liked the video in November.  I think I will make more to see if I can add more info for those who might like to try it the "old-fashioned" way.
Finally, our newest member of the menagerie is Shiloh, a 1 year old Labrador!!  I will add a picture later!  It is My DD's birthday present to herself...So far, the kitties are mortified but surviving.  Shiloh is not going near them but their tails are permanently fluffed.  Sigh.