Monday, January 31, 2011

I am Late Because the STEELERS won!!!

For those of you who do not care about football, cover your ears because I am screaming "Steelers Going to the SUPER BOWL!!  Yeah!!  I was intended to podcast last weekend but realized it was a football game and podcast for you!!  Sooooorrrrrrryyyyyyy!  It was a grreat game and I am very excited for them.  I do hope WE win but I am not sure.  I do have lucky socks so that should definitely help, right?
I finished the Wendy Johnson socks..Heart to Heart socks in the red.  Now I am working on the Diamonds and Cables Socks in a purple Knit Picks Gloss as seen on the right.  I am very much enjoying these patterns and will no doubt do more from this book.  I will say the only thing I truly dislike is Short-Row heels...ick..but practice makes perfect.

Tatting, I finally sewed on the edging to the hanky that DD gave me.  I currently have allowed it to live under a glass (EAPG) bowl made by my GrandFathers old place of employ. It really looks nice there for now.  The old antique bowl with a vintage hanky.  What could be better?
This month I will be working on hearts from
Ruffled Heart Pattern Vicki Clarke
Tat's Amore, Martha Ess  scroll down the page
Tatting Hearts, Teri Dusenbury this is an Amazon site.
Spinning, I reviewed
Next "cast I will review
How I Spin, Rita Buchanan also at Interweave
Until then....Enjoy!


Betani said...

I'm so glad you're reviewing those videos! I've been eyeing them for a while, and I've asked the library to order them, but I've kept myself from buying them until I hear more reviews. (I'm putting together a spinning donation incentive, and I haven't decided if I want to put a DVD in it or not yet.)

When you were talking about tatting shuttles, it got me wondering. What type (ie, metal, plastic, wood, ceramic, etc.) of shuttle would you recommend for someone just learning to shuttle tat?

Arlene said...

I am glad you liked the review. I will talk about Rita's next time. I really like them a lot and found them to be very inspiring and helpful. I do not live near any spinners so need other sources.

I like any shuttle but would mayber lean toward a Clover for a newbie not committed. I only use metal Detach-A-Spools I find on ebay and wooden ones like shuttle shop and David Reed Smith. I think I might talk about this next time, yes?

Thanks for stopping by!

Fox said...

The hanky edging is lovely!
Fox : )

Arlene said...

Thank you, Fox, I liked it as well. I am trying to recall...I think it was in the small pampphlet type book tatted edgings. Liked the width of it but was also very easy to do