Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Cluny's or BUST

Well, I really like this pattern...only showing a snipet for copyright purposes...so I better like those darned clunies.  Ok, well I don;t really disilike them, I just am not all that committed to them!  So, today on my sick day, I sat on the couch and tried all darn day.  I now feel I can do them so we will give this pattern a try.  It still hurts my left 1st MCP joint though so I might not continue...That is medical speak for I am too old to learn something new to do with these hands!!

Here is my first effort   added 2/2/11
Funny Miss MimiD thinks if I use something bigger than "nose hair" (my word not hers) I might have better luck!  That is a really good point.  I did try it with bigger and am getting it easier...this thread was actually 40g Lizbeth.  I should try one of my 20s.


MimiD said...

You go Arlene! I hope it works for you to do them on the hand. As you get more confident you should not have to hold the "loom" (aka "death grip") position so long - your weaving will be faster. Oh, and if you could bring yourself to use rope (size 20) instead of your usual dainty size 80 you wouldn't have to weave so many times either :)) (just teasing you a little but you get the idea)

Arlene said...

I think that is so funny and soo true. I was using 80g...my wll-known fav; but I thought this is too hard to start and switched to this 40gLizbeth. Eureka!! I think I have it!

tatting-marie said...

Don't give up on those "clunies", Arlene they really do look very pretty when done up in patterns.
About the Super Bowl, "GO PACKERS GO!!!

MimiD said...

Yay Arlene! You have it! I hope your hands can keep up with all these clunies. Great job!

Arlene said...

Thanks Mimi!! I am getting better though they were early attempts, I think I did well enough to want to be better. Makes sense doesn't it!