Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Doing socks again

My third pair EVER!! I love this pattern..Cascading leaves pattern (can't remember what site). Yarn is Colinette Jitterbug ($20.50 cripes!) in Florentine. My daughter re-taught me and I am getting addicted. Even listened to a podcast!! Hey Tatters...(Mark..Sharon...Iris...Eva...whoever..) How about some inspirational tatting podcasts to keep us entertained! Now I have to resort to George Tenet's book on the CIA. At the Center of the Storm.a great read actually, and Evanovich's, Mean Lean Thirteen which is hilarious.

Continued Iris's Doilies

This is Franscesca (on the shuttles) and the other is a completed Milena (not blocked) My shuttles are DavidReedSmith's (before I killed some of them and the rest went in to hiding! This thread DMC80 in 57 is a gorgeous varigate that my doily exchange partner used in her rendition of Milena. It is amazing how different hers is from mine. I tat very tightly but hers is VERY tight and the size of the end result is remarkable. Or....the difference in lots seems to make a difference sometimes I think.
Going to a concert in Pgh tonight...Tim McGraw and Faith Hill...whoooeeee!! No tatting there

Broken shuttle fiasco!!

GASP!!! Can you believe it! I was devastated!! They are David Reed Smith shuttles and I think he can fix them...have a desparate call out! If not I will mend with wood glue as I have all the pieces and they do fit well together! I bid on this sev years ago and won it!! They (to me) represent my family and me. kids, hubby, me (I am the BIG one..ha ha)