Friday, January 02, 2009

Two podcasts for this week folks! It does not pours. I am listening to the first one and it is not too bad but for some reason the audio got goofy at the end. I wanted to show you my lovely desk. I am in the process of a podcast in this photo...see the audio in blue on the screen. Scattered over my desk is tatting, knitting and spinning and a bunch of books I was discussing! If I ever clean it off I will show you what it really looks like. bradley (DH) made it from a 100 year old door! It will be sold with the house as it is way to heavy to move! Below in 'Nectarine' from Shuttlemaker is Teri Dusenbury's "Sadie's Heart". The shuttles are two tatting guild shuttles from Shuttle Shoppe; the bottom shuttles are also Shuttleshoppe's Butterflies.
Finally, my new Spindle from Holly from Journey Wheel.

Correction: Nectarine is from the Yarnplayer, not the Shuttlemaker as I said in podcast Excuse my error

Think about leaving a comment about the podcast on iTunes and I will be doping a drawing for February. Tatting for tatter's and Knitting stuff for the knitters!

Thanks for stopping by!! Love ya!