Saturday, April 05, 2008

Arrrrgh! I deleted my resume! Need to knit AND tat!

I am working on my resumes to apply for an interview for a newer job. I love my current job but not so much my extra part-time one. I am too old for such hurrying around! LOL. So, I was working on a resume on line and after all the made it go away! Crapperino!!

So, I will work on this new project and see how I do. I also like this new yarn. SO...I think I will work a wee bit more on my stole then, I think I will start a new bookmark, or that edging I mentioned...I have an itch but am not sure where to start.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

International tatting Day (yesterday) and finished socks

Tatting yesterday on International Tatting Day! I did not do much but this is what I am making. Bookmarks for the next exchange. This is from Tatting Lace (Ondori Publisher) I love that book. Too bad I do not understand the language but it is a very nice book!

I finished my RPM's. Don't pay attention to the heels not matching! I ALWAYS match a cut and start in tatting so the threads don't look off! However, I did not notice until I was done that the cuff on one is green and the other pink! Frickety-frack! Ah well, who cares!

My cat Coffee always sits on my printer while I am at the desk so he got his pic taken today! He says Hi!

I am currently working on bookmarks. Next is the woven picot bookmark by Marrie Stoffer. needle (knitting) are working on Juno Regina at And Cascading Leaves from Favorite Socks

I have finished one and hope I will not succumb to second sock syndrome!

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