Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cast this from the Car!!

Working on tatting ornaments from JoAnn Stearns book Glass Christmas Balls; The new egg shaped ornaments will be from Victorian Tatted Christmas from Dianna Stevens. These books are all available from several sources including Lacis, Snowgoose, and sev others. Dig out your balls folks and cover them up (sorry couldn’t resist)
KNitting (shown above) on the Diminishing Rib Cardigan from Interweave Knits Spring (boy did I say that wrong…that is what ya get for car-casting) And the socks are at a slow grind because I am focusing on this sweater

Spinning and waiting for a new fiber from etsy…will post a pic when it comes. Love my Julia!!
The picture here shows the fiber I spun and the scarf I am making with it..Very soft.
Favorite birthday cake…( look at all that chocolate) angel food cake…cut in half, whole out a tunnel …fill with chocolate whipped cream made with real heavy cream…YUM!! We have had it for years!!

Working in the ER Thanksgiving…hope no one lops off their turkey carvin’ fingers!! Every year suture someone who cuts themselves on knife or a broken glass!
See ya all 1-2 weeks. Thanks for listening!! Over 1500 subscribers!! Holy Moly!!

Will post my pictures later this week end.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Tatting, spinning and knitting and a new, really...I am not kidding!

Well! Where indeed have I been. No excuses...just too overwhelmed with life and work. BUT who cares about that when there is knitting, tatting and spinning to be done! NO ONE!! So, after a looooong hiatus I am hoping to resume with fewer interruptions.

Tatting I have a pile of Christmas things to do. I am currently working Terry McGuffins (Teiko Fujito inspired) Three color ornament. Don't forget the fun of blending threads together. Imagine a great Hand-dyed with a blending filament from Sulky. Yum
Still have a few edgings to complete and a gift to self will be the new Christmas shuttle from the Shuttleshop.
On the needles the Strangling Vine Scarf from Nicole Hindes, the Riding on the Metro socks from Socks from the Toe up, and my first cardigan from Spring '09 Diminishing Rib Cardigan. Wish me luck
Spinning some Ramboulet/Corriedale and just finished 8 oz of a yummy from Crown Mountain in Merino/Tencel (chantefleur) Pics to come.
Enjoy and keep coming back! Thanks for new listeners and the loyal few who listen...I love ya!!

Addendum...heard the cast sounded skippy...I will attempt to reload kept kicking out in the upload so that is probably why...sorrrry!!!..Thanks for telling me I had not listened to the uploaded version

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Podcast coming this week...The prom is over; Knitting and Tatting for Spring

This was the Prom this year a Caribean theme The boat is cardboard but built to spec as a real boat; the scene is to be the backdrop...and was! for the kid's photos! The gals looked beautiful this year with many very floral prints!!
A podcast is almost ready! I am behind because of my worl fatigue and ...lazy!! Will have some tatting pics up soon for the lace I am working on...Hope to be starting a new purse project soon. Won an ebay pattern that is probably in public domain but I could not find it!
More to come tomorrow!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunshine Makes me Happy!!

Yeah for the first campfire of the season

I finished Luna Regina after several months...almost a full year of work..primarily because I had a short attention span. The cats helped block it to make sure I did ok; that's Lucky. I bought the blocking wires from KnitPicks They also had a nice tutorial I just checked out to see. Common sense really but a nice resource. They were really fast at sending it out as well!

Tatting: Back burnered the doily "Cornelia" from Iris Niebach but will start it up again with the same thread because you all told me it looked ok in the vari-black! I will obey the "peeps" 'cause you all know best!!

Look at this edging...Isn't it grreat! I love the Coron 120 (Japanese) and this is Fiordaliso, the book found at Lacis

Podcast #16 is being loaded. Hope you forgive me rambling on. I was in a really good mood so had to talk about it!! See/hear from you soon!!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Ya think it'll float?, AND "cast 15!

Sounds like a David Letterman Will it float episode. Bradley is making a boat for the Pirates/Caribean theme for the Prom this year. We have threatened my DD that after it has been used at Prom we are going to take it for a "ride" down the Shenango River to see if it will float. DD gets in first then we see how far she can go. Seriously, I think the darn thing could float!\

He did not use any plans...just made it up in his head...A vVERY scary place, his head!

Episode 15 notes;

Where I talk about how great podcasters are. "cept me! Recorded the episode 3/28th.

Tidying up the basement...what a mess it gets to be! I am such a procrastinator it is revolting! I did find the photo's don't know why but they weren't actually lost I just couldn't find them? I was soooo happy to find DD #1 and her babies!! I had had such a nice pic I was sad to lost it!

The yarns I mentioned:

The blue is much darker in real life Jitterbug 118 and the purple is Socks that Rock Jubilation
The others are the "ones that got away"...Cascade Yarns Pearls in 9843 purple. This is the one DD thought was icky and would net let me send to Darlene. Sorry Darlene!

And the manly colors from Panda wool that DH will never see! Ah well...they will look good on me!

"Where you at?"

Arlene Tats and Knits at the blogspot site that'd be here folks! Ha ha

At the podbean site: Arlene Tats and Knits

Look for new episode later today, weekend. I have to go out then I will upload it...Then will record for next week!

Ok, put that all in the heading...why? Goofy that's why. I have to go take pics of my honey's Prom stuff might upload that to. Be back later!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tatting Episodes 14 and 15 in the can!!

I have just posted a podcast..and have another actually recorded and ready for uploading next week ! Can you actually believe it! It is so shocking!! I lost some of my pictures of works in progress and my new grandbaby girl...attack of the DD killed it! I re-took some pics I will put up of what I am up to! I was asked to remember to put in links to mentioned sources so I am trying to update these. The pic to right are the Japanese texts I use most; the pic to left are Iris' books from which the third pic is taken. That was the reference to the doily I am working. What do you think of the thread? I am not likin' it. Maybe just a bit too off the path? Below are the sources I used for the current works in progress.

Thank you again and again to Trayna for the thank you call from Scotland!! I am still using your accent...badly! I so love that sound! A true friend was just found! Darlene almost wrecked her car getting through the tape on her package! Look for a new contest in upcoming months.

Congrats to for her 100th posting crikers gal! When do you find the time!!

References mentioned in 14 and 15th episode

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February and it looks like spring, tatting and knitting and spinning are going crazy over here!!

Well, I got another podcast up. It looks like I am good at monthly though I keep trying to get it done bi-weekly...maybe sometime! Thanks to all who listen and especially to those that left (yes, I did solicit it) responses!

The winners of the contest were Trayna and Quiltsalot. Trayna is a tatter from Scotland!! Neat!! Quiltsalot is more of a knitter...we will work on that won't we gals and guys!! Get ya tatting too!! Please send me a email at to let me know where I can send your surprises!!

I am trying to upload some pics but having some trouble. Above is Lucky gasp....biting my knitting!!! Argh! Can't tell ya how often my knitting get lighter all of a sudden only to dicover one of the brood has bitten off the yarn! That is my shawl still in progress. The spinning is on my new Holly from Journeywheel and is spinning a...I must say so myself...incredibly thin Soy Silk I bought at Natural Stitches in Pgh. It is so fine I am going to try to tat it!! Neato!!
To work now...It is Thirsty Thursday so as soon as I iron tomorrows work clothes I am havin a beer like every college kid in the nation...the bad ones that is!! Toootle loo!!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Two podcasts for this week folks! It does not pours. I am listening to the first one and it is not too bad but for some reason the audio got goofy at the end. I wanted to show you my lovely desk. I am in the process of a podcast in this photo...see the audio in blue on the screen. Scattered over my desk is tatting, knitting and spinning and a bunch of books I was discussing! If I ever clean it off I will show you what it really looks like. bradley (DH) made it from a 100 year old door! It will be sold with the house as it is way to heavy to move! Below in 'Nectarine' from Shuttlemaker is Teri Dusenbury's "Sadie's Heart". The shuttles are two tatting guild shuttles from Shuttle Shoppe; the bottom shuttles are also Shuttleshoppe's Butterflies.
Finally, my new Spindle from Holly from Journey Wheel.

Correction: Nectarine is from the Yarnplayer, not the Shuttlemaker as I said in podcast Excuse my error

Think about leaving a comment about the podcast on iTunes and I will be doping a drawing for February. Tatting for tatter's and Knitting stuff for the knitters!

Thanks for stopping by!! Love ya!