Saturday, December 16, 2006

Well, almost done with christmas tatting

Can you really be done with Christmas tatting? I love snowflakes, angels and the like!! One or two more and I am more than halfway through. I have drawn it out to prolong my own fun!! The challenge is one of the best things we have done, I think!!
The star with the beads is from Emma Crew 3/01 found on Maus' site. The one "in the works" is from BellaOnline printed off 10/06. It has some interesting design elements including SCMRs. My shuttle's knicknames are Rose (1 and 2 I guess). They belonged to a friends mom. When they stab me; they are very old Detach-A-Spools...I tell her " behave"!!
I am now well, thank goodness. (except talking to shuttles.) Got the tree up today. It was so heavy in the front it almost fell over!! DH and I went to select it, then they cut it down for you and bring to the car. The weather here in PA is 50-60s so was weird but nice weather for December.
I will post finished product when done. Have great weekend!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Snowflakes on the tree but none on the ground!!

The two rosette flakes are from Maus' round robin pages to add to my Motifs. Thank goodness I have a lot of copies from the old site!! Anyone know where they are and if they will ever be seen again? Sad day when Maus' signed off that site. I made one in glow in the dark thread...can't wait to see my tree after dark. And the smaller is from two silver metallics and hologram blending filament. It really sparkles.

I immediately got out the thread to work up Ben's flake. Was a little tricky to follow at first but easy once I started. Pretty...take a look at his site while you're at it. Lovely work!!

I am getting over the GI virus and feel too pooped to pop but did manage to have strength to tat!!

Will put up the tree this weekend. We leave it up (a live one) until after Epiphany also my oldest daughter's birthday. So will take a picture to share. Thanks to all my tatting friends on line for inspiration and creativity.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Finally back at posting. I have been sooo busy working two jobs..but I HAVE been tatting...just not POSTING!! Secret Santas, wreaths stars and the like have fallen off the shuttle and are now wanting to be shared... I will put up my angels today and the wreaths stars later. The coolest thing? They will glow in the dark!! The outer two are Mark Myers' from Tatted Gathering of Angels, and the middle one id from Monica Hahn's Christmas angels and Other Tatted Patterns. Tow of my fav Christmans books

Friday, October 13, 2006

A break for breast cancer awareness

Darned if I can find my pattern now but this was taken from Lenore English a couple years ago. I am making one for all of us in my office. I am a nurse practitioner who does A LOT of women's care. We are planning a couple events in the office to increase awareness. We also have a gal who is surviving colon cancer so will make her one in (navy) I think. I keep having to make more because if I am out and about I get "caught" tatting in the they go!! Get your exams gals and remember guys...even though they are flat they are still boobs!! Do your exams men and women!!

Modification of heart of Texas

This heart, my own modification, is based on Teresa Woods' "Heart of Texas". I will work it up to show you...I have always liked that heart because of the dimpled rongs. I made mine with the central three rings also from dimpled rings. I like hers better, but mine was a feeble first start into the design arena. Hope you like

4rth Motif (I think)

This is my Rose Bouquet finished. Nice huh? I like the image of a rose with its leaves the way the pink and green go....In person it looks kinda non heart-like so I am going to do it again in flowery colors pinks/red and see how I like it.

Monday, October 02, 2006

25Motif pstings

These are the other pieces I have done already. The one on left from Jodi Wheeler as posted on Maas' site from 2001. The one on right (the smaller pic) is Heart of the Butterfly by Irene Woo from 1999!! All from my downloaded stash. I have never worked up any of these patterns but have enjoyed doing them. The thread was from Flora 50 in color 57. Now back to work on the one in previous post...I feel creative juices sloshing around...unless that is the rum and coke I am drinkin...maybe will try my own design!! Good luck to ME

This is the beginnings of "Rose bouquet heart" from Becky Dempsey posted formerly on Maas's long beloved site. I have just started this yesteerday and am already having fun with it. I love that floral centerpiece.
I just started working more intently on my motifs. I have not done any desogning but feel a little rumbling in there that it either an upset stomach (comtemplating a job change) or creativity!!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Joining the 25 Motifs Challenge

The picture is just an example of things I have done that I will include in the challenge...newly made of course. I love hearts, stars/snowflakes, crosses and butterflies. My 25 motifs will be a variety of these 3-4 themes. I think I will do 5 of each with the last five being attempts at designing or modifying existing patterns. I love Teri Dusenbury's Tatting Hearts (Dover), Adelheid Dangela's Tatted Butterflies, and snowflakes patterns that used to be on Maas's site. BUT... now that I am thinking about it maybe I will do some of the works from Lindsay's Roger's Tatting Collage!! SO many choices!! Good luck and fun to us ALL

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Tatting tin exchange

I tried to post pics of the tatting tin exchange but for some reason they did not come up right. I got great stuff from my partners. Kendra sent two neat tins I will use in my BR actually, three spools of vintage threads, three pairs of really cute earings, beads and scissors (I LOVE scissors). Rosa sent a cute tin with a puppy on it...I will stash stash!!, A notebook to record projects and pattern locations, thread keepers, two spools of threads, a measuring tape, a very nice scissor and tweezer set I will use with my knitting, and a shuttle....Also three Workbaskets. You guys are great!!!I am going to see if my pics come up better. Yep! There they are. I will have to retry the others!!These Christmas ball are from my FAVORITE ornament book by JoAnn Stearns. I have also made these with the glow in the dark thread from Solar Active.( They make a great thread, very fine that works up beautifully. They look really cool on the tree after the lights are out!!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Tatting blunders uncovered

See that really nice Red Hatter edging below...major goof!! Thought I was running out of red only to discover I had enough red but had some time...switched my purple to an ever so slightly different color!! Went to Lacemakers, to get the red I needed...then in the car discovered it was the wrong red then....low and behold discovered the "horrible truth" Sounds like a weird scenario!! It WAS!! I live 50 miles from Tracy's shoppe in Cortland, Ohio ...but no trip is a wasted one. Sadly, I need this by Friday, my SIL birthday...So, now am making it all over!! I think I can do it...contract negotiations allow a LOT of down time...So, we will see!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

This is another vintage from the same book...guess I was on a roll. The other view (on the top) is what the original Anita hanky looks like on the side. All this talk of hankies is making me think of making some more. I like the 100 thread as you have heard but am thinking of trying one of these patterns in 120 or the 160 Georgia ordered for us several years ago. I still have quite a bit of it left. Later you will see that my daughter has inspired me to try knitting again. The pink sock is MY FIRST project!! pretty ambitious aint I!! I learned so I could go with her to World Wide Knit in Public Day! Yep, they have them too! We went to the Pittsburgh Art Festival and met in Point Park. It was quite fun!! We tatters should do it too though I think we do have a Tat day too. I think it was in May? Anyway. Thanks for your supportive tatters are great!!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Red Hatter Designs

My sister-in-law is a Red Hatter. She is the Queen Mother (I think that is what she's called) For heer birthday I am making a hat to put on the box and a hankie with red and purple thread. The hat is actually a Basket pattern from Tatsy book and the Edging is from "Tatted Hankerchiefs" (Nikolajsen).
Do you see the shuttles? They are one of my favorites from Shuttleshop...they are two little Hedgehogs!! I get so many comments on them.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Wedding Hankies

I was just thinking about my kids and their future weddings. I have made hankies for each of them but I think my most unusual pattern was the vintage one I made for Anita. Only one has married thus far but I have them just in case. The one I did for Anita waas my first bug project. It is a vintage pattern that built itself almost inside out. It starts with this huge long lenth and each round draws it in more until it finally fits the standard 10" hankie. The hanky is silk and the thread is DMC 100.
I should take another pic that shows it full round. I will try that sometime. The long edges are made up of the motifs spread out more. I worked on this for months at the lunch table in my office. They were mesmerized. They usually are...but I have not had any one brave enough to try tatting. Some day.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

I am still needle tatting

Getting better again guys. Anyone care to help me figure out why my chains sometimes have a gap. I am working on a doily I got from Abby in the exchange. It is called the "Amusement doily". I do not know what book it is from. I am just copying from hers (while ruining my eyes)As I said, I am wayyyyy better with my shuttles than the needle. I just had to try it again. Oddly, though I think I gave my self some carpal tunnel witht the shuttle, the needle hurts the tip of my fingers. Guess I am getting old!! (50). I will post a picture later of my tatting needle project.

We're going to the Prom

Look at these amazing pics. My husband helps the kids with the prom every year. He takes their theme and helps them create the look. Usually it features some big piece he creates to set the tone, This year he made this from carved blocks of floral green foam, carved them down, then paper mached over it. Then we made the chair back and cushion. The kids will use this as a photo area...carefully I hope!! The base is hard woods so will take the weight. We are going to join them for the dinner. I can not wait to see how the class likes it! These kids really work.