Sunday, December 03, 2006

Finally back at posting. I have been sooo busy working two jobs..but I HAVE been tatting...just not POSTING!! Secret Santas, wreaths stars and the like have fallen off the shuttle and are now wanting to be shared... I will put up my angels today and the wreaths stars later. The coolest thing? They will glow in the dark!! The outer two are Mark Myers' from Tatted Gathering of Angels, and the middle one id from Monica Hahn's Christmas angels and Other Tatted Patterns. Tow of my fav Christmans books


Charlene said...

Lovely angels, Arlene.

Tattycat said...

These angels are so beautiful and graceful. I love them. Guess I will have to see about buying these two books! Your other work is lovely also.

tatnlace said...

I have always wanted to tat these up but have just never gotten to them. These are very pretty! Great job.