Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Snowflakes on the tree but none on the ground!!

The two rosette flakes are from Maus' round robin pages to add to my Motifs. Thank goodness I have a lot of copies from the old site!! Anyone know where they are and if they will ever be seen again? Sad day when Maus' signed off that site. I made one in glow in the dark thread...can't wait to see my tree after dark. And the smaller is from two silver metallics and hologram blending filament. It really sparkles.

I immediately got out the thread to work up Ben's flake. Was a little tricky to follow at first but easy once I started. Pretty...take a look at his site while you're at it. Lovely work!!

I am getting over the GI virus and feel too pooped to pop but did manage to have strength to tat!!

Will put up the tree this weekend. We leave it up (a live one) until after Epiphany also my oldest daughter's birthday. So will take a picture to share. Thanks to all my tatting friends on line for inspiration and creativity.


Tattycat said...

I love the snowflakes! Where ever do you find glow in the dark thread? Sorry you've been sick. Hope it won't take long to get back to normal.

Arlene said...
I have gone over the edge with this stuff but it actually works up quite nicely as a fine 100g thread or as I use it doubled up (glows brighter)
Am all better now (sound like I am two) but don't want to go there again!! Ran through our medical office light a brush fire!
Ben's flake works up very well and the one from Maas' site has a lot of SCMRs fun. Thanks