Sunday, July 23, 2006

Tatting tin exchange

I tried to post pics of the tatting tin exchange but for some reason they did not come up right. I got great stuff from my partners. Kendra sent two neat tins I will use in my BR actually, three spools of vintage threads, three pairs of really cute earings, beads and scissors (I LOVE scissors). Rosa sent a cute tin with a puppy on it...I will stash stash!!, A notebook to record projects and pattern locations, thread keepers, two spools of threads, a measuring tape, a very nice scissor and tweezer set I will use with my knitting, and a shuttle....Also three Workbaskets. You guys are great!!!I am going to see if my pics come up better. Yep! There they are. I will have to retry the others!!These Christmas ball are from my FAVORITE ornament book by JoAnn Stearns. I have also made these with the glow in the dark thread from Solar Active.( They make a great thread, very fine that works up beautifully. They look really cool on the tree after the lights are out!!