Sunday, July 23, 2006

Tatting tin exchange

I tried to post pics of the tatting tin exchange but for some reason they did not come up right. I got great stuff from my partners. Kendra sent two neat tins I will use in my BR actually, three spools of vintage threads, three pairs of really cute earings, beads and scissors (I LOVE scissors). Rosa sent a cute tin with a puppy on it...I will stash stash!!, A notebook to record projects and pattern locations, thread keepers, two spools of threads, a measuring tape, a very nice scissor and tweezer set I will use with my knitting, and a shuttle....Also three Workbaskets. You guys are great!!!I am going to see if my pics come up better. Yep! There they are. I will have to retry the others!!These Christmas ball are from my FAVORITE ornament book by JoAnn Stearns. I have also made these with the glow in the dark thread from Solar Active.( They make a great thread, very fine that works up beautifully. They look really cool on the tree after the lights are out!!

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Joni said...

I wanted to let you know that I just e-mailed you a copy of the ring code from the RingSurf admin. site. Your blog is in the queue for the Fiber Arts Bloggers webring, but you don't seem to have the ring code up on your blog. If you want to e-mail me when you have the ring code back up and whatnot, I’ll check it out and get you into the ring as quickly as I can. Let me know if you need any help! :)