Monday, August 16, 2010

Whats on the needles and shuttles?

First off, Iris Niebach's newest book, Fantasia 3, is one of my favorites!!! To the left is Rose worked with David Reed-Smith shuttles using Lizbeth 40g in the same colorway as the previous doily. It is a pink varigated.

The one to the left is Clara worked in the NEW Lizbeth 80g Light Lemon (614). I LOVE this 80 gauge so far. It is crisp and holds its shape, no fray. The shuttles are both from the Shuttle Shop The one is Palmetto 2007 Flower garden and the newest is Fall into Tatting 2010 Palmetto shuttle. Sadly, I have never been able to go but I swear I will someday!!

This shuttle is very unique as you can see the cutwork is completely different and the laser engraving very intricate. Great job for them!

Back From is for the birds

Lucky knew something was amiss...the other's, experienced in being left tried to console him but he was not buying it. This is him staring down the steps at us leaving. The cats pace all over..While on Vac they also discovered how easy it was to pop out the screen (granma upstairs never suspected) and probably went in and out for four or more days.

We had a great time swam, ate, and swam some more. I have a broken foot but I stood in that water JUST FINE!

This is me at Dewey Beach. We went to Virginia Beach Dewey, and saw the horses at Chincoteague on Assateague Island. They are so amazing.

Good to be home, though I could still use another vacation soooon!