Friday, October 13, 2006

A break for breast cancer awareness

Darned if I can find my pattern now but this was taken from Lenore English a couple years ago. I am making one for all of us in my office. I am a nurse practitioner who does A LOT of women's care. We are planning a couple events in the office to increase awareness. We also have a gal who is surviving colon cancer so will make her one in (navy) I think. I keep having to make more because if I am out and about I get "caught" tatting in the they go!! Get your exams gals and remember guys...even though they are flat they are still boobs!! Do your exams men and women!!

Modification of heart of Texas

This heart, my own modification, is based on Teresa Woods' "Heart of Texas". I will work it up to show you...I have always liked that heart because of the dimpled rongs. I made mine with the central three rings also from dimpled rings. I like hers better, but mine was a feeble first start into the design arena. Hope you like

4rth Motif (I think)

This is my Rose Bouquet finished. Nice huh? I like the image of a rose with its leaves the way the pink and green go....In person it looks kinda non heart-like so I am going to do it again in flowery colors pinks/red and see how I like it.

Monday, October 02, 2006

25Motif pstings

These are the other pieces I have done already. The one on left from Jodi Wheeler as posted on Maas' site from 2001. The one on right (the smaller pic) is Heart of the Butterfly by Irene Woo from 1999!! All from my downloaded stash. I have never worked up any of these patterns but have enjoyed doing them. The thread was from Flora 50 in color 57. Now back to work on the one in previous post...I feel creative juices sloshing around...unless that is the rum and coke I am drinkin...maybe will try my own design!! Good luck to ME

This is the beginnings of "Rose bouquet heart" from Becky Dempsey posted formerly on Maas's long beloved site. I have just started this yesteerday and am already having fun with it. I love that floral centerpiece.
I just started working more intently on my motifs. I have not done any desogning but feel a little rumbling in there that it either an upset stomach (comtemplating a job change) or creativity!!