Sunday, February 27, 2011

New podcast up today...Getting over bronchitis and what is on the needles...spinning and shuttles!

 This is my Crown Mountain Farms, January Fiber Club in Celtic Glow all spun up.  Waiting for inspiration to start to knit it ...I think a Cowl as I got about 260 yard in Navajo Ply. 
Below is the spindle I bought at Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival held a few weeks ago.  I am so frustrated I can not remember the maker.  She is on Ravelry but I don't remember her name.  I love the sheen and it spins very well.  The last photo is a Jonathan Bosworth. It is Big Leaf Maple on a Cochin Rosewood shaft.  LOVE it!!

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Yeah to my High Speed Flyer

I was ever soooo lucky and was on Ravelry almost at the very second this gem came up for sale.  I hit the Buy button before my reality told me not to!  Well, I have been pondering it for quite some time and the price, as when I got my wheel when it was on a rare promotional sale!  I think it is just destined to be mine!

Well, said gem of a find arrived today and I practically knocked my old mutha on her ass to get to it!
Since them, minus a few seconds to realize I strung it wrong...oh so THAT's what the hook was for!!  I am thrilled with it and know it will get endless use! 2ply lace and 3ply DK here I COME!!!

Picture later...Blogger...had to log off then on again to upload these pics.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Well, I just got this today to start...What?  Don't know yet...It is self striping of course but not sure how much.  I think I will check Ravelry to see if anyone has knit it up yet.

And do ya seeeee my first clunies...Ok, tell me it really worth it?  So, after a few hours I think I am getting to be better at this.  Again, Blogger is crappin out on me so I will put it in later to show ya all how wonderful I am doing.  Thanks for the encouragement

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Cluny's or BUST

Well, I really like this pattern...only showing a snipet for copyright I better like those darned clunies.  Ok, well I don;t really disilike them, I just am not all that committed to them!  So, today on my sick day, I sat on the couch and tried all darn day.  I now feel I can do them so we will give this pattern a try.  It still hurts my left 1st MCP joint though so I might not continue...That is medical speak for I am too old to learn something new to do with these hands!!

Here is my first effort   added 2/2/11
Funny Miss MimiD thinks if I use something bigger than "nose hair" (my word not hers) I might have better luck!  That is a really good point.  I did try it with bigger and am getting it easier...this thread was actually 40g Lizbeth.  I should try one of my 20s.