Saturday, February 05, 2011

Yeah to my High Speed Flyer

I was ever soooo lucky and was on Ravelry almost at the very second this gem came up for sale.  I hit the Buy button before my reality told me not to!  Well, I have been pondering it for quite some time and the price, as when I got my wheel when it was on a rare promotional sale!  I think it is just destined to be mine!

Well, said gem of a find arrived today and I practically knocked my old mutha on her ass to get to it!
Since them, minus a few seconds to realize I strung it wrong...oh so THAT's what the hook was for!!  I am thrilled with it and know it will get endless use! 2ply lace and 3ply DK here I COME!!!

Picture later...Blogger...had to log off then on again to upload these pics.


aljones1954 said...

Very nice.
I got a very good mail day :-)
Thank you the yarn is wonderful and just the right colors. The thread is just right to get me started again. You are great.

Arlene said... funny talking to another a jones! So glad you like the prize. I can not believe you got this so fast! I just mailed it Monday! Happy tatting and knitting