Friday, November 06, 2009

Tatting, spinning and knitting and a new, really...I am not kidding!

Well! Where indeed have I been. No excuses...just too overwhelmed with life and work. BUT who cares about that when there is knitting, tatting and spinning to be done! NO ONE!! So, after a looooong hiatus I am hoping to resume with fewer interruptions.

Tatting I have a pile of Christmas things to do. I am currently working Terry McGuffins (Teiko Fujito inspired) Three color ornament. Don't forget the fun of blending threads together. Imagine a great Hand-dyed with a blending filament from Sulky. Yum
Still have a few edgings to complete and a gift to self will be the new Christmas shuttle from the Shuttleshop.
On the needles the Strangling Vine Scarf from Nicole Hindes, the Riding on the Metro socks from Socks from the Toe up, and my first cardigan from Spring '09 Diminishing Rib Cardigan. Wish me luck
Spinning some Ramboulet/Corriedale and just finished 8 oz of a yummy from Crown Mountain in Merino/Tencel (chantefleur) Pics to come.
Enjoy and keep coming back! Thanks for new listeners and the loyal few who listen...I love ya!!

Addendum...heard the cast sounded skippy...I will attempt to reload kept kicking out in the upload so that is probably why...sorrrry!!!..Thanks for telling me I had not listened to the uploaded version


Bonnie said...

Welcome back! I have wondered how you have been. Glad to hear your dgt. got married carrying your hankie. Can't wait to see the pictures. How is your kitty? The editing on your podcast was kind of strange, it had you repeating a couple of sections. You are right about spinning it is addictive. I am spinning buffalo from Montana. Talk about soft! Take care and looking forward to hearing from youu again.

Arlene said...

Thanks so much for FYI. I took it down and re-uploaded. Thanks for listening!! Arlene