Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Dublin Bay Socks

I can not believe it is August and I am just now finishing a pair of socks for the Summer Kalcal! Ah well, better late than never!! Now my goal is to blast the hell through this and have another pair before the deadline! Fiddle-dee-dee! Also I have a wee bit more spinning done and this is not even the good stuff! Last night I actually did a damn fine job of it Yeah!! in the foreground is Malchite and it is a dash smaller than worsted weight I think! Think I am going to get a smaller weight spindle...I promise not to get crazy...just to try for the finer weight!

1 comment: said...

My feet are currently freezing and all I can think is how snuggly warm those socks must be and why aren't they on my feet!
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Thanks for considering it!
Carrie E.