Sunday, October 26, 2008

Back from "Hiatus" Christmas Tatting, knitting and spinning...and of course a new kitten rescue!!

WELL!! Long time no see!! I have been busy with my job and some restructuring there that meant I needed to change some duties and some hours around. I am basically 9-5 but some days it is earlier and somedays later!! I actually have been tatting but you saw that pic before! It is the pink edging still. BUT I am starting my Christmas tatting with some ornaments and maybe a doily? I am going to use some of the millions of beads I have acquired and will show some pics as soon as I get going!
In meantime the top ball of yarn was home spun from a fiber I got at Natural Knits in Pgh. I am making said scarf that you see next to it...A short neck scarf if all I have from this batch but I like short scarfs better than long. The next is the sock Halcyon I mentioned in the podcast...A Toe-up sock really nice and easy!
The blue is a luscious fiber from Lisa Souzza Elecktra. I am spinning it on my Golding Tsunami and an Ashford just cause I can . Don't ask why I am using two spindles...they are actually spinning true to each other.
The last is "Lucky". I rescued her from the middle of the street, literally on the Yellow Line! A car rhew her out on to the road with her other bro or sister! I never found the other so I think someone picked him/her up! Traffic stopped in both directions to allow for me to rescue her!! Now I have 5!!! Good Lord, now what.! I tried to find her a home but no going here and I just decided after rescuing "Meat" what was one more!! I am VERY suspicious she is Meat's daughter...before I had him fixed!!
Tootle-loo til next time!!
Podcast will be up in a day or so...It is on Podbean already...a day later for iTunes! Prizes maybe after next podcast from anyone who posts a comment on iTunes! (Will make a drawing?)


dnaprice said...

Welcome back! The Lisa Souza fiber is gorgeous, I didn't know she did spinning fiber too.

Arlene said...

Yes, she does all her colors in fiber as well! I love her yarns so much when I statreted to spin it has been a steady draw!!

Thanks for the welcome!