Saturday, August 02, 2008

Finally got my podcast updated...sheesh! And Christmas in July.

Wow what a week! I have worked and worked on the damn thing(podcast) and was so techno challenged it just was not gonna happen!! I got it up at last so you should see link in a day or two or per iTunes. I am posting a picture of my gifts in the exchange as well. I got my package from Jon in Malaysia! IWhat I did not know was that the beautiful bag she made was from a piece of fabric used in her wedding garments! It is gorgeous and I am going to post the link about her fabric. She also made the cord knots...hmmmmm a new skill to acquire. Knotting is also such an interesting skill! This picture does not do it justice, however. So I took another so that you can see. Trust me it is really nice!! Take a listen to my cast and stop by the show notes page for the links at The link for the fabric is it is an interesting story, thanks for sharing Jon


TattingChic said...

Lucky you to get an exchange gift from Jon! The bag is beautiful, the fabric, the tatting, everythign!

Tara said...

I love listening to your podcasts! What color of glow in the dark thread do you use? What lovely things you got in the exchange! Lucky you!


Arlene said...

Thanks for your comments! I am doing another cast this week-end hopefully more successfully!!
The thread is pure white..very white to start then glows white green. Some GID threads start out looking greenish but the one I use is very white some is sometimes a big surprise!!

Tara said...

I posted about your podcasts on my blog. Hope you can do some more! Keep them coming!