Monday, May 12, 2008

Mr Biter Goes Home and a new Podcast

Ah, sad!!! Today we let Mr Biter go. He turned out to be the sweetest little guy! He fit in with the other cats like you can not imagine! See how they all sat together! But, he has a family and they are probably missing him too. Sooo we put him down in the backyard and walked away! I wanted to cry to be honest! But, he sat there for a few minutes and we have not seen him since tonight, that is. DD now can stop the shots (2000.00) later that is. Yikes. Unfortunately, we had no choice! Expensive visitor eh? He is the cutey in yellow.
I uploaded another podcast today which should appear to the side box by tomorrow. I hope you enjoy. It is about tatting bookmarks still, knitting my stole, starting double circulars for my socks and washcloths.

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