Monday, May 26, 2008

New tatted edging and Biter becomes family

Weeeellllllll, Biter had his Rabies shot this weekend so he can officially be around my other kitties. I have accepted the Biter wants to be here, but I wonder about his "other Mommy!" I think he goes to the other place but certainly not today! He came to the door, meowed until we opened the door, went right to the bathroom where he had been secluded looking for his food. Five hours later he is still in the same spot on the couch. Did not even move when I turned on the sweeper. Maybe it is Stockholm Syndrome! The pic is of him lookin in from my flower bed.

I started a new edging patten. I think I have done it before but am not sure. I actually think someone out there in tatting land got it as an exchange. I am making it from Tatted Hankerchiefs (Nikolajsen). It will go with a hanky DD gave me for my birthday she found at a antique shop.

The other pic is my new fav carry case for tatting. Found it at TJ Maxx. Yeah TJ!


TattingChic said...

Yay, some tatting! Your edging looks very nice! Congrats on the newest member of the family!

OmonSan said...

I like your work! And your hankercheif has the promise of turning out beautifully.