Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thanks for the Thank You Carnation

I think I might have one or two Motifs left...I think I am done but I can't find one so....I think I will make another couple doily patterns...thanks to my exchange partner Marty, I have purchased Iris Niebach's Tatted Doilies. Such wonderfully unique pattens... in ONE pass!! Wow! Thanks for the inspiration Marty!

This Rose was made with the intent of putting it on my Mom's Mother's Day gift. alas, I did not getit done so...sorry ma!! I made it with 15g beads, to simulate dew? as suggested...don't like it as much with the beads. I think it was just too many. I can see the possibilities if I add fewer? add to different areas as if truly scattered? who knows. I am going to try it in all white with beads next because I think it might look better with the beads in the white . I love the pattern. It is very full and was very easy to do though I did somehow manage to get a twist in it! grrr! . I am going to make Koniors rose next. This one can be found at


Carol Lawecki said...

Hi Arlene, your tatted rose is stunning. I also like your tatted doilies. Tell your husband that Mario is fantastic!! I'm sure the kids at prom loved Mario too. Carol

Arlene said...

Thanks! He loves helping the kids! Can not believe what her can make from styrofoam and floral blocks!!
I love the rose time no beads I think