Saturday, May 05, 2007

Association of Amalgamated Doily Maker's!!

This is what my honey calls us!!Just jealous I think!! So, I think according to my count my 25 Motif challenge is done I gotta count them all out and will post the collection on Flicker. I Finished and am mailing my doilies for the exchange. These photos are not the ones though so as not to give it out.. But...I can never just do one I keep going until pooped out!!

Am sooo amazed by the lovely things being done by our VERY talented friends. I am so humbled and so challenged by their works, beginner and expert alike. I just find tatting to be THE most relaxing activity of my day. I do it every day! Saves me thousands of bucks of therapy.

I am now doing some socks again. I had one done then started the other and totally messed up. I had to tear it all out and start again. My daughter taught me...she makes hundreds of socks!!(I might be exaggerating.

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