Saturday, May 05, 2007

We are going to the Prom again!!

I can NOT get over how talented my honey is! This year he helped the kids again at our high school. My last DD graduated 6 years ago and they still won't let him quit! This year it was Super Mario Brother's. The kids pick a theme and he aids in the design. Take a look at Mario's origens. He starts as a huge block of green floral foam...small blocks all glued together then carved, paper mache's and dressed. He is not on the scale of Mark Myers but I can tell you the man can do anything out of paper mache, styrofoam, and floral block!! I swear he is a bit touched in the brain! We get to go back and look it over tonight, they usually invite us to eat dinner with them.
Take a look at the post from last year May 6th to see the floral block carved elephant!
Have fun!

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