Monday, June 04, 2007

Seriously, I think I am done!

BUT!!!! I can't stop!! Maybe I should start over? Do 25 DOILIES!! ??? Thanks to my exchange partner...she knows who she is...I am addicted to Iris Niebach's patterns. (this one is Cornelia) I thhink it is a break from Teiko offense to those gorgeous pattens.
I need to meet this gal, (Iris) I think she might need meds!! (medical humour) The patterns are so unique in their approach it it truly addicting. Such a mind to engineer these one pass designs! I might need meds next as I find them both fascinating and annoying to figure out! Who thinks this way! I think these wonderful designers are simply in a breed all to themselves! I love to create but am totally without design "genes". Bless those who are!!


Marcela said...

Es un hermoso trabajo. Felicitaciones.

Diane said...

It's beautiful! You've inspired me to look at Iris Niebach's patterns!