Sunday, June 24, 2007

Working on another doily from Iris Niebach's book

I love this book! It is killing me but I love it! Having some problems with this one but it is working out. Sometimes I just have trouble deciphering. BUT...They are so interesting! I keep doing more for my 25. Frankly I think we are at 26-27 by now. I have started and can't quit! Might just do a second 25 all in doilies?!!

I also love these shuttles from the Shuttleshoppe. They are from the Southern Belle's, and Frivolite(k)ring, from the Netherlands. Very light and easy to use and always get nice comments!

I just bought a new computer and now, at 4am I am still up playing. My Gateway was tired after about ten years so , it took forever to put it all back together. Thank goodness for cables to tranfer data. Then however, I had to update some drivers that were not compatable. EEKs.

Am really loving the continued projects on the 25 Motif page. What a good idea that has been!!


Diane Cademartori said...

You've inspired me to purchase Iris's books... the pieces you've worked up are lovely!

I also enjoy using my shuttles from the Shuttle Shop. They are light weight and hold a lot of thread. My other favorites are Sherry Pence's ceramic shuttles (Lady Shuttle Maker), Grizzly Mountain Arts (Dave Stanbrough), and Diana Andra.

Arlene said...

Hey thanks! I just updated a few things when I got my new computer. I don't know who Diana Andra is but really enjoyed looking at the other two sites. Have to get some of those shuttles!

Diane Cademartori said...

Diana's shuttles are available through Ohio Lacemaker... I think! I purchased my first one at a lace show two years ago, so my memory's a bit fuzzy! I also Googled Diana one time and ordered directly from her.

My first Iris books have arrived... wow! Right now I'm working on a basket edging from Vintage Tatting... looks complicated, but it's really easy!

Kate said...

Arlene, which of Iris Niebach's books did these doilies come from? They are lovely. I am especially interested in the ones that are in one round.