Monday, October 11, 2010

A visit to see Alpaca Farm and Poor Meat stars in my Dreams

Highland Alpaca Farm, Grove City, PA  Oct2 was the open to the public day.  What fun we had looking at and patting the animals!!  Can I have one?  Please?  I promise to be good...No?  Well, ok never mind!

I bought some wonderful black alpaca from the farm and am tempted to buy more yarn..Very soft.  I will post pic of sock I made from Socks From The Toe Up...Diamond Gansy.  The guy in the lower pic used to play bass guitar with Bob Dylan.

Started another pair of socks from Nore Silk Garden Light (Col2018)     is    now a discontinued yarn for some reason...Kinda splitty according to some; I have not had problems.

Tatting on snowflakes with new thread from Fuji...glow in the dark of coarse.  Also bought three from Robison-Anton in white and pink also for glowing Christmas ornaments..Do you see a theme here.  All I can tell you is that acquiring larger numbers of these on your tree is really an amazing sight...after the lights go out!



Val said...

Lucky you, Arlene. I would love to see real alpacas but they are nowhere near me... Yes, the alpaca furs are really so soft and nice to the touch. Last weekend, I got small pieces of them for making my new bears and wow, I just love them. It's my first time using alpaca. The black alpacas are so adorable.

Have fun with the yarn.

Arlene said...

Thank you for your comments and hopefully for listening to the podcast as well! I loved the alpaca farm...Such beautiful, gentle creatures. Love the wool for spinning.

Tattingrid said...

Just discovered your blog and am wondering how far you are with the roses pattern from Iris Niebach that you started earlier. You picked a real nice colour! I am have the same book, but am hesitating to start, it seems difficult to me! Ingrid

Arlene said...

Ingrid, I have about 5 ish repeats done on the Rose. Love this pattern but very attention seeking. I am on a weekend trip with my husband...our annual leaf drive and have it with me.. I think I will work on it in the car...If you have done her patterns before, you can do this one too. Keep me posted!