Friday, October 01, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things!!

Welcome back again!  These are the pics I referred to in the podcast.  For those that don't listen (shame,shame) the top pictures are some of my older shuttles; the top one my first Lady Hoare type with an ugly yellow "string" on it...clockwise the huge plastic ones are the infamous Tatsy's great for large cords and throwing at the cats.  The snipet of tatting is prob 40 years old from an older book...a really nice it tedious edging.  And a few Susan Bates oldies!

To taunt one of my fav patients, I am making a yellow and blue (Gooooo PITT) lanyard from these threads found at The Lacemaker, Cortland Ohio  He likes Penn State (gasp).  The shuttles are from David Reed Smith.  The third photo is my last stash haul from The Lacemaker.  Some of the threads were "bump and scratch sale...were all balls that hit the ground at one point or the other....Love the book marks in that bookmark book!

The fourth pic is a sample of the designs that were previously associated with the Maus's Tatted Round Robin (doilies) site now no longer functioning Tatted Round Robin 19.  I have saved many of those pages from the early years and thank goodness printed many of them out .  The can still be found on the archives Tatting Round robins  I am not sure if the site goes down this October, I don't remember seeing that warning before. Sooooo.  Many of out most well known tatters and designers participated through the years for our collective benefit.

Sites for purchasing tatting goodies...don't be mad if your site is not listed..let me know and I will list it.  Others are already listed on the right of page.


On the knitting front.  I am happy this darn sweater is coming along as well as it is!  Boy that took a long time to do correctly.  Fortunately, I am stubborn as well as beautiful and persevered!  I could not be happier with it now.  Also on the knitting from new needles from KnitPicks and DYAK.  Love the Rosewood Darn Pretty needles in a 6inch DPN for the sweater Nicole from Ewe & I Originals.  It is a baby sweater for no one special.  I intended to knit for new Grandbaby almost three...ah well, the thought counts, right?
Enough for today...Off to up-load this weeks episode!  Until later...knit and tat happy!



Gina said...

Thanks for posting the link about the RR's. I've been there off and on but still managed to waste several hours this morning. Those RR's did so much to boost my creativity and prompt me to learn new tatting skills when I was involved. It's a huge undertaking to manage but I do wish we had something similar these days.

Arlene said...

I loved these RRs when they were out. I never did these RRs but really loved the work they did, I, of course, did other exchanges but for some reason found the RRs more intimidating at the time. Some really fabulous patterns though!