Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Fall Trip to see the Leaves and How many bridges do we need to see?

Our fall trip to upper Pa and New York could not be complete without a trip to see one of the bridges Brad's company help design repair.  He is a Drafter (CAD) and the company makes bridge decks, rails and railroad rails.  These bridges go ever the Erie Canal in a couple of small towns in New York.  They were pretty neat lift bridges, actually.  This water fall is at Taughannock Falls.  It is a gorgeous cricular "cut out" made by the glaciers.  Very beautiful. This picture below depicts one of the Finger Lakes.  Look at the tree in the foreground.  Below is the spooky cemetery at Cornell University.  None of these stones appeared to be after late 1800's  though I thought I saw a few WWII markers.  Spooky but  beautiful.

Yarn spun from Lady in the Stone from Crown Mountain.  Also one of the snowflakes and awareness patches I have been making.  A very busy week.


Tattingrid said...

Thanks for looking at my blog.
The pattern of the snowflake I made is from Jon Yusoff and very easy to find on her weblog:, she has a link to her free patterns and at the chapeter snowflakes you will see: quantiesque snowflake and there it is! Good luck when making this snowflake, it is great fun. Will see it on your blog once finished... Ingrid

Arlene said...

Hey Thanks... I think I might even have that to look