Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thanks for the Thank You Carnation

I think I might have one or two Motifs left...I think I am done but I can't find one so....I think I will make another couple doily patterns...thanks to my exchange partner Marty, I have purchased Iris Niebach's Tatted Doilies. Such wonderfully unique pattens... in ONE pass!! Wow! Thanks for the inspiration Marty!

This Rose was made with the intent of putting it on my Mom's Mother's Day gift. alas, I did not getit done so...sorry ma!! I made it with 15g beads, to simulate dew? as suggested...don't like it as much with the beads. I think it was just too many. I can see the possibilities if I add fewer? add to different areas as if truly scattered? who knows. I am going to try it in all white with beads next because I think it might look better with the beads in the white . I love the pattern. It is very full and was very easy to do though I did somehow manage to get a twist in it! grrr! . I am going to make Koniors rose next. This one can be found at

Saturday, May 05, 2007

We are going to the Prom again!!

I can NOT get over how talented my honey is! This year he helped the kids again at our high school. My last DD graduated 6 years ago and they still won't let him quit! This year it was Super Mario Brother's. The kids pick a theme and he aids in the design. Take a look at Mario's origens. He starts as a huge block of green floral foam...small blocks all glued together then carved, paper mache's and dressed. He is not on the scale of Mark Myers but I can tell you the man can do anything out of paper mache, styrofoam, and floral block!! I swear he is a bit touched in the brain! We get to go back and look it over tonight, they usually invite us to eat dinner with them.
Take a look at the post from last year May 6th to see the floral block carved elephant!
Have fun!

Association of Amalgamated Doily Maker's!!

This is what my honey calls us!!Just jealous I think!! So, I think according to my count my 25 Motif challenge is done I gotta count them all out and will post the collection on Flicker. I Finished and am mailing my doilies for the exchange. These photos are not the ones though so as not to give it out.. But...I can never just do one I keep going until pooped out!!

Am sooo amazed by the lovely things being done by our VERY talented friends. I am so humbled and so challenged by their works, beginner and expert alike. I just find tatting to be THE most relaxing activity of my day. I do it every day! Saves me thousands of bucks of therapy.

I am now doing some socks again. I had one done then started the other and totally messed up. I had to tear it all out and start again. My daughter taught me...she makes hundreds of socks!!(I might be exaggerating.