Saturday, September 10, 2011

Boy it's a shame ya missed the "Real" video

I tried to upload a full vodcast last weekend but it just was not gonna work for me.  It was not too bad either!!

Still working same projects this month.  Will soon have FOs to show and picture.  Here is a smale sample of the video though...Beware...its raw un-edited...but shows my prgress.  The demo refers to the fact that this is new and unedited

Wow...I need a facelift!!


Trayna said...

Won't let me see it...........just says this video is private?
Hope you & yours are all well

Arlene said...

Just fixed it...Should be fine now

MimiD said...

Thanks for the video - worked this time! (I too got the "private" initially) So happy to see the face with the voice, the pretty tatting (my husband was passing by when you put up Gloria - he said "hey, is that tatting" and "yes, it is, it even has clunies!" (is he good or what?). I'm glad Coffee allowed a cameo (under duress, like all good Siamese). I hope you can do it again some time so I can see your wheel, spindles, and spinning! PS Do not take this as an order with a timer attached - these will only be good for when you're inspired - just like the podcast.

Arlene said...

MimiD,,,God bless him you have trained him well!! Thaks for viewing

Trayna...long time no talk to...I am fine how are you!!??

Trayna said...

FINALLY..............a "proper" face to match the lovely voice - WONDERFUL.

We are all well - still plodding along - nothing else for it LOL!

Take care

Kimberly said...

Love the video. I enjoy listening to your podcasts...I am a tatter and knitter, crocheter, beader, etc. You always made me laugh and I think you would be fun to hang around with:) It's good to put a face with the voice. You are a very pretty lady! Hope you do more of these and show us what is on your needles and shuttles!

Arlene said...

Thanks, Kimberly. I am going to do it every now and again just to emphasize a point or show stuff I have been working on. It was fun to get it going again.

StephieJo said...

That was fun! I just the sing-song way you say "love it!" when talking about your flutter scarf!

Patti Bailey said...

1-you do NOT need a face lift, 2 your FACE and YOUR work is beautiful, and so are your cats- thank you for sharing, I see the video is a few years old, but I just got you pod cast and I'm happy I did, thank you again, and I hope you share more of you work!!