Thursday, July 28, 2011

Well....I THOUGHT the computer was fine.....

But I was wrong.  The power source helped but it has still not been good.  I do have this NetBook from Dell, but I don't use it for posting the big stuff like podcasts.  I think it is now ok, so I am going to attempt a 'cast as soon as possible.  I lost the last two attempts I made since May episode.  The good thing is I have LOTS to chat about!

Also lost cell phone this week so I am waiting for a iPhone 4. Nah, I can't wait for the "5".  I poured coffee in my Blackberry Bold which I really liked.  I need a better device for medical stuff for work I busted out the money and it should be here soon.  I hate spending money on a tele!  It is like car buyer's remorse!!  Argh!!

I have pics to post making progress on tatting without pain.  YEAH!!  I was MONTHS before I could touch it!

So, until a bit later.....See ya!!