Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sad news for "lucky"

Well...a little backround first. I'm an NP who happens to spend a LOT of time in Women's health and Male health services...However...when it comes to kitties...Well, sad to say, but I SUCK!! Little Lucky who I rescued literally from the middle of the yellow line...and cetain death was deemed a female on my first exam. Enter the Son-in-law to be...who (not knowing he has to suck up to me) defied my diagnosis and diagnosed "Lucky" as a MALE!! Well, unbeknownst to me, their little "balls" come down later as opposed to sooner...So my cute lil girl kitty who we girlie talk to is a GUY! Imagine his embarrassment! (Lucky's not the SIL) No wonder she bitches me out every morning in the bathroom. Has been tryin' to tell me "I'm a guy...LOOK you IDIOT, I have BALLS!!" Well, said balls will be removed soon anyway so it is of little importance. How do I make it up to him/her?

Merry Christmas!!

Just proof I still tat. Thanks to all who have sent messages of Hello and Season's greetings! A few ornaments I made last year but never posted and a few new ones. One author I missed remembering...will check again and update as I can!! . My tree can freak the heck outa ya when the lights go out!! I forgot I am the Queen of Glow in the Dark! One night this week I turned out the lights then the tree last! BAM!! Half the tree seems to glow in the dark! I love that the tree will continue to glow for an hour!

I have made some knitted items for Christmas but can't tell you yet because the recipients have not seen them! I can't wait until one person sees the scarf I spun from fiber then knitted in to a scarf! I am so addicted!! Ya think a wheel is in my future? No, not really. I think I really like the mechanics of doing it on the spindle. Have a few knew spindles I will post later.

Have a joyous holiday. I TRULY hope to podcast soon. If not before it is my New Year resolution to get an organized system going. I would love to try some interviews . Any volunteers? Until later, Merry Christmas