Monday, May 26, 2008

New tatted edging and Biter becomes family

Weeeellllllll, Biter had his Rabies shot this weekend so he can officially be around my other kitties. I have accepted the Biter wants to be here, but I wonder about his "other Mommy!" I think he goes to the other place but certainly not today! He came to the door, meowed until we opened the door, went right to the bathroom where he had been secluded looking for his food. Five hours later he is still in the same spot on the couch. Did not even move when I turned on the sweeper. Maybe it is Stockholm Syndrome! The pic is of him lookin in from my flower bed.

I started a new edging patten. I think I have done it before but am not sure. I actually think someone out there in tatting land got it as an exchange. I am making it from Tatted Hankerchiefs (Nikolajsen). It will go with a hanky DD gave me for my birthday she found at a antique shop.

The other pic is my new fav carry case for tatting. Found it at TJ Maxx. Yeah TJ!

Monday, May 19, 2008

This is you know what for you know who (if you listen to the podcast, that is)

See, aint these perty!! I love the vibrant colors...will stink if they get exposed to kitchen bleach but...what ever; at leadt the used to be perty right!! There are tons of patterns out there for wash cloths. I got mine from these two books and on Ravelry.
Can't tell you why these colors except to say they match a certain type of dish..hint, hint?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Oh, Oh...Mr Biter came baaaaa--aack!

Oh oh. Who was outside this morning meow meowing! MR BITER> The inside kitties freaked out and hissed like mad. Then I picked him up...I know but he is sooo cute...and brought him in and they were rolling on each other with glee. Good grief...Now what!! My fault, I know, I need to cut the cord. The little cutey walked right in to his seclusion room looking for his litter box and food...So, I haaaaad to help yes?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mr Biter Goes Home and a new Podcast

Ah, sad!!! Today we let Mr Biter go. He turned out to be the sweetest little guy! He fit in with the other cats like you can not imagine! See how they all sat together! But, he has a family and they are probably missing him too. Sooo we put him down in the backyard and walked away! I wanted to cry to be honest! But, he sat there for a few minutes and we have not seen him since tonight, that is. DD now can stop the shots (2000.00) later that is. Yikes. Unfortunately, we had no choice! Expensive visitor eh? He is the cutey in yellow.
I uploaded another podcast today which should appear to the side box by tomorrow. I hope you enjoy. It is about tatting bookmarks still, knitting my stole, starting double circulars for my socks and washcloths.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Mr Biter, the cat

Don't know if I told ya all the story...Miss DD (26) was patting a neighbor kitty when it latched on and bit her. Problem: Mr Biter is unmarked, unknown owner...unknown rabies status. Sooooo Miss DD is getting rabies shots. BUT I found the kitty, nabbed him while wearing an outfit fit for an Arctic exploration and he is currently residing in our bathroom and in this crate!! I'm keeping the little bastard til I know he does not become crazy. Poor thing is most likely an indoor/outdoor kitty but I am not, can not, take the chance!

Knitted the rest of my Embossed leaves socks. They are sooo comfy. Now am focused on the shawl..Juno Regina...You can't see the detail but it will come along I think.
I am making tatting bookmarks, but I think I am going to start an edging. I have a hankerin' do do makes scallopped edge. Will pick it up later today.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Prom 2008!!

These are two of the pictures my honey created for the Prom this year. The theme is on Top of City Lights. It is like a roof-top party. The Prom is tomorrow. I think they did another FINE job. Remember, it is all in cardboard! I have to say the guy is possessed! With genius that is!!
I am still knitting and tatting. I think I will try the new edging Mark posted on his blog. I think I will be uploading a new episode this week-end. I hope some of you stop over to listen. I have a bunch to tell ya!! Later