Sunday, December 30, 2007

Daughter in getting married...someday!

Nope, He is not my son, (mentioned on the 25Motif blog) it is my daughter marrying him. However, I will say he has been accepted as a son ever since they started dating! This pic is proof she belongs to me...don't we look alike"? The other gal in the gargyle is my older daughter and I have another in Arizona. My post now that I re-read, does not really say who is my kid though does it? Nope, thank goodness I had daughters. I would have sooooo messed up a boy baby! I don't get boys. A professor used to refer to them as testosterone poisoned! They would hve been gals except for that surge!! Hee hee.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

They did it!!

They did it! My baby and her honey of 5 years are gonna get married! Oh Goodness, now what! I am hoping they are not gonna do it tooooo soon...My baby is too young (24) I think they should wait until she is 40? Nah..he is a great guy and I wish them many years of happiness and good fortune. Now, I can give her that surprise you see below! Hope she is not reading this!! If so...Sammy!! Don't you peek now!! They got engaged at a place in Pittsburgh called Phipps Conservatory. A local landmark, and one of their fav spots. They are currently showing a Chuhuli glass exhibit. It is a remarkable display. The third pic is an example...all glass! Looks so real you would think glass actually did grow from the ground!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!!

I can not believe I had not posted since October!! Trust me, I have been tatting!!I sent out all my packages to Mary...Her last exchange. I really have fun with these!! Especially the Christmas one. When I am busy shopping for every-one else, it is nice to get a little somethin, somethin to make the holiday fun for me too!!

My Christmas tree is VERY heavy after 30+ years of accumulated ornaments. It has never fallen over until....last night! 3am just as I actually went to bed...CRASH!! Only a few broke which was miraculous!! No real special ones...on a scale of 1=10. Every one have a nice day