Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rebuilding my blog

Decided it needed a new look so opted to update...then lost some of my stuff. So, I will be working to spiffy it up. In the meantime, I continue to work on Iris' doilies, but with all the talk about the nativity scene and the town (Ineke's Books) I now think I better but those books!! Goos thing I have two jobs!!

Oh what a delightfully addicting past-time!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Working on another doily from Iris Niebach's book

I love this book! It is killing me but I love it! Having some problems with this one but it is working out. Sometimes I just have trouble deciphering. BUT...They are so interesting! I keep doing more for my 25. Frankly I think we are at 26-27 by now. I have started and can't quit! Might just do a second 25 all in doilies?!!

I also love these shuttles from the Shuttleshoppe. They are from the Southern Belle's, and Frivolite(k)ring, from the Netherlands. Very light and easy to use and always get nice comments!

I just bought a new computer and now, at 4am I am still up playing. My Gateway was tired after about ten years so , it took forever to put it all back together. Thank goodness for cables to tranfer data. Then however, I had to update some drivers that were not compatable. EEKs.

Am really loving the continued projects on the 25 Motif page. What a good idea that has been!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Seriously, I think I am done!

BUT!!!! I can't stop!! Maybe I should start over? Do 25 DOILIES!! ??? Thanks to my exchange partner...she knows who she is...I am addicted to Iris Niebach's patterns. (this one is Cornelia) I thhink it is a break from Teiko offense to those gorgeous pattens.
I need to meet this gal, (Iris) I think she might need meds!! (medical humour) The patterns are so unique in their approach it it truly addicting. Such a mind to engineer these one pass designs! I might need meds next as I find them both fascinating and annoying to figure out! Who thinks this way! I think these wonderful designers are simply in a breed all to themselves! I love to create but am totally without design "genes". Bless those who are!!