Friday, March 25, 2011

March has come in AND out like a LION but it seems better now

FIRST!!!....Apologies for the repetitive uploads...First, I had a track overlap with another...fixed it.  THEN, as I was fixing it I seem to have loaded two version of the same cast!  Yikes, What is with THAT!  I swear I only deleted the old then reloaded the new .  I hope they all didn't make it to ITunes but they might have.  Oops!  Sorry, if it made a mess on your MP3s!

 This is the scarf I made from the fiber shown in the previous posting..Celtic Glow from Crown Mountain,  Turned out very soft and warm burt as it is just a cowl...not too warm.  Below is what it looked like blocking. Liked the patterning and have had a couple FP residents try to steal.
Bottom picture is March fiber...Coopworth, Finding Rainbows..  First 2 ply in a while...again, not sure I love it as I like how the Navajo Ply preserves the color transitions,

I will post a picture of my revised "Gloria" from Iris Niebach book of edgings.  I think I might like it better in the larger size butterfly.  We;ll see.

Can't wait until end of April, Long weekend for Easter and another the next weekend as the family and I participate in the career fair at DDs school (NP, CAD drawing, interior design, teacher)  Then Bradley and I are continuing on for our Spring Break...Driving to Cleveland, and maybe into New York again chasing flowers!!  I am soooooo in need of a vacation.  We go every year in the Fall and the Spring.
Stay tuned!!  Keep Tatting, spinning and Knitting!

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