Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February and it looks like spring, tatting and knitting and spinning are going crazy over here!!

Well, I got another podcast up. It looks like I am good at monthly though I keep trying to get it done bi-weekly...maybe sometime! Thanks to all who listen and especially to those that left (yes, I did solicit it) responses!

The winners of the contest were Trayna and Quiltsalot. Trayna is a tatter from Scotland!! Neat!! Quiltsalot is more of a knitter...we will work on that won't we gals and guys!! Get ya tatting too!! Please send me a email at gjdiwpx@aol.com to let me know where I can send your surprises!!

I am trying to upload some pics but having some trouble. Above is Lucky gasp....biting my knitting!!! Argh! Can't tell ya how often my knitting get lighter all of a sudden only to dicover one of the brood has bitten off the yarn! That is my shawl still in progress. The spinning is on my new Holly from Journeywheel and is spinning a...I must say so myself...incredibly thin Soy Silk I bought at Natural Stitches in Pgh. It is so fine I am going to try to tat it!! Neato!!
To work now...It is Thirsty Thursday so as soon as I iron tomorrows work clothes I am havin a beer like every college kid in the nation...the bad ones that is!! Toootle loo!!