Monday, October 22, 2007

Another Glow-in-the-Dark Ornament

Ok, so I am addicted to weird things!! Go figure!! This one is blue blending filament with the glowy thread. It has caused all manner of giggles in my office as we crowd in to the BR to look!! What ever gets us to smile!! How bout if I blend it with my sock yarn....oooooh good idea for a kid, huh?

I have been tagged by a naughty tagger

Here are the rules which you must abide by if you are tagged.
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Golly, gotta figure this out....
1. I have a masters in nursing and practice as a nurse practitioner in family medicine in a family practice residency program. I love my job and teaching new docs
2. I am constantly singing or whistling in the halls and stairwells...great accoustics.
3. I have tatted for thirty years..hard to believe since I am only 20.
4. My toes are REALLY weird too...gripper toes we call them
5. One of my favorite phrases is..."let me just be the devil's advocate for a second."..
6. I have three kitties and would take them over the human's any day...they don't talk back and always want to snuggle! (just kidding)
7. I have a very bizaar and quirky sense of humor that some folks just don't get...and I married a guy just like me!! It makes for some really high times

I am going to "tag" (I just figured out how! Do I have to ask/tell first? Hope not cause I didn't!! (LOL)


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Christmas ornaments and knitting

You might not be able to see this but the sock is actually nicely scalloped. It is Scallops Cuff Socks from Crystal Palace using Panda wool in red cinnamon colorway. I love that yarn!!

The ornament is from my fav ornament book (well dog-eared) from Ann Stearns. I used a blended hologram filament (Sulky) and a glow in the dark thread. We have had the giggles in my office as we took turns going in the dark bathroom to check it out!! I am going to do some of Mark Myer's angels in this and will post soon.

I am still thinking about podcasting and am going to make a trial post today or the 'morrow to see how it flies. I learn so much from the knitter's blogs that I think it begs to be done by us too!! If I can figure out Skype and if anyone is on skype we can tape interviews too! Cool!!