Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tatting and a possible podcast

FINALLY, I finished Iris Niebach's Francesca. Heaven only knows why I struggled so. I made three tries...I just got so frustrated I had to quit! It is the one below here that is half done. But, I tried another color which I really love that was shown to me by my doily exchange buddy awhile back. I really love her patterns and am now starting on Lorella which is another really neat pattern. I will use DMC57 for that one too.

The knitting is another sock on Cascade Palace needles 1 I think, using Panda wool a really nice 46% bamboo in the color Ultramarine. Don't look too closely however. I look as if one foot is seriously impaired!! I quit too soon and one is slightly too short. I have size 5.5 feet though so it did not make much difference. I really love this yarn. I am now attempting the Magic Loop with size #1 32inch Addi's. (See, I am talking knitting!!) My daughter who helped me refresh my skills finally "allowed" me to try the loop after I seemed to "get" the concept of sock construction. I have found that the knitting gives the elbow tendinitis a break...Tatting kills my medial elbow!! I also have purschased Bamboozle yarn 2301 Rosewater to do the summer dream socks (all found at Take a look at my kid's knitting at She has some awsome knitting there and is pretty funny.

This brings me to podcasting...I am seriously thinking of creating a podcast for tatting. There are soooo many great ones for knitting that I listen to. I think WE NEED one too!! So, I am looking in to what I need to put on the 'puter to make this happen. Any thoughts?