Monday, March 05, 2007

St Patrick's Day tatting

This is Jenny Seymour's "Top Of the Morning Shamrock" from Tat All Tales. I have made about 25 for work so far including my "Orange" Irish one. I am not Catholic, but I have a distant relative who was from Ireland, we think.

Have been cruising the tatting pages and sites this weekend. Goodness there is talent out there!! Not such a "Dying art" is it!! The German eye candy coming through Here-Be-Tatters was amazing.

The 25 Motif site has been so inspiring...I have been inspired to do some-one else's patterns though!! I have not done any designing...not too creative at my own designs. Better at working them up!!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

March is finally here; think butterflies and shamrocks

Well, I have been working on butterflies for my exchanges. I love the book from Adelheid Dangela. I have a pile of them now waiting to fly away. I had not posted for a looong time. Have just been lazy and busy at work which makes me stare into space when I get home!!
I also have been working on shamrocks to take to work. I will scan them later and put them up. I think I am about done with all my 25 motifs but I have lost count. I need to sit down and count them up. I made hearts, snowflakes, butterflies, and angels so far. Love all the great work everyone has been doing!!