Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tatting Episodes 14 and 15 in the can!!

I have just posted a podcast..and have another actually recorded and ready for uploading next week ! Can you actually believe it! It is so shocking!! I lost some of my pictures of works in progress and my new grandbaby girl...attack of the DD killed it! I re-took some pics I will put up of what I am up to! I was asked to remember to put in links to mentioned sources so I am trying to update these. The pic to right are the Japanese texts I use most; the pic to left are Iris' books from which the third pic is taken. That was the reference to the doily I am working. What do you think of the thread? I am not likin' it. Maybe just a bit too off the path? Below are the sources I used for the current works in progress.

Thank you again and again to Trayna for the thank you call from Scotland!! I am still using your accent...badly! I so love that sound! A true friend was just found! Darlene almost wrecked her car getting through the tape on her package! Look for a new contest in upcoming months.

Congrats to for her 100th posting crikers gal! When do you find the time!!

References mentioned in 14 and 15th episode