Thursday, July 31, 2008

Knitting and ....Spinning?!!

My new passion...spinning. I am soooo bad at it but I am getting better. It is all on Meaghan (I think I miss spelled...will check later) at Stitch-It Podcast!! She starts a section with the simple word "spinning" and I have been had...She uses a wheel but I am using a new Golding Tsunami...It is soooo nice. But, my back hurts my hands hurt my neck hurts...OK I have to stop. My problem...I do too much at a time. So, in one week I have been doing it every day for several hours in the evening! Did ya notice I never post pics of the inside of my house...good thing!

New podcast will be up in a day. As soon as I am done with the second half I will post it up.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Say hello to "Needles" and Summer Kalcal

Say hello to needles and feed him a strawberry but not too many because ya know what too much fruit can do...phew!! People think of the most amazing things don't they. Mark Myers has a cute little kitty who ate a can of food then played with a toy!! Cute.

I am off for a drive to Lake Erie for lunch today! Lovely day, nothin to do. is an hour drive so I am taking my knitting and tatting. Gotta finish my Christmas in July.

Joined the Summer Kalcal From Marly and Sharon. Knit somethin small like socks (me ) or a purse over the summer until September. Give it a look see.
Go do something Fun!!!!!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!

A catch up of Biter, now known as "Meat" who seems to want to live here and for 4000$ I think we earned him!! He is the one who Bit my DD but he actually is as sweet as could be!
The other picture is from our trip to Washington, DC. The Vietnam wall. If you have never been and aon go to DC, I strongly suggest it. What amazing stuff to see. We walked all over the place and my poor knees still feel it! The monuments and the sights are great. I cry as soon as my eyes lit on to the "Wall". We also went to the Holocaust museum. Words can not express how you feel.
My Dad was among the Liberation forces, he drove the General through the gate at Dachau. While he never spoke of it...ever...he did not need to. But, seeing the museum and the artifacts was very moving.
As, DD is a US History teacher, this made it even more fun. I will post a pic from the Civil War museum in Harrisburg. Another really well done museum. They had life-like models all around and it was truly amazing how real it seemed.
I have a new podcast up after a bit of an absense. I am going to focus on some books and pattens, I think and based on some knitting 'casts I have listened to, I am thinking of trying to do some interviews....any takers? I gotta fiigure out how ya' do it first!!
Happy 4th
Added note!!! Thank you to Geri for noting the podcast did not load!! Thanks also for attempting to listen...!!! Yeah!! I have re-loaded the 'cast and it is now working. If you don't see on iTunes today, it is up on podbean. I just checked iTunes and I was able to load it up so...there ya go!!
Thanks again, Geri