Sunday, June 25, 2006

Tatting blunders uncovered

See that really nice Red Hatter edging below...major goof!! Thought I was running out of red only to discover I had enough red but had some time...switched my purple to an ever so slightly different color!! Went to Lacemakers, to get the red I needed...then in the car discovered it was the wrong red then....low and behold discovered the "horrible truth" Sounds like a weird scenario!! It WAS!! I live 50 miles from Tracy's shoppe in Cortland, Ohio ...but no trip is a wasted one. Sadly, I need this by Friday, my SIL birthday...So, now am making it all over!! I think I can do it...contract negotiations allow a LOT of down time...So, we will see!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

This is another vintage from the same book...guess I was on a roll. The other view (on the top) is what the original Anita hanky looks like on the side. All this talk of hankies is making me think of making some more. I like the 100 thread as you have heard but am thinking of trying one of these patterns in 120 or the 160 Georgia ordered for us several years ago. I still have quite a bit of it left. Later you will see that my daughter has inspired me to try knitting again. The pink sock is MY FIRST project!! pretty ambitious aint I!! I learned so I could go with her to World Wide Knit in Public Day! Yep, they have them too! We went to the Pittsburgh Art Festival and met in Point Park. It was quite fun!! We tatters should do it too though I think we do have a Tat day too. I think it was in May? Anyway. Thanks for your supportive tatters are great!!