Monday, May 15, 2006

Red Hatter Designs

My sister-in-law is a Red Hatter. She is the Queen Mother (I think that is what she's called) For heer birthday I am making a hat to put on the box and a hankie with red and purple thread. The hat is actually a Basket pattern from Tatsy book and the Edging is from "Tatted Hankerchiefs" (Nikolajsen).
Do you see the shuttles? They are one of my favorites from Shuttleshop...they are two little Hedgehogs!! I get so many comments on them.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Wedding Hankies

I was just thinking about my kids and their future weddings. I have made hankies for each of them but I think my most unusual pattern was the vintage one I made for Anita. Only one has married thus far but I have them just in case. The one I did for Anita waas my first bug project. It is a vintage pattern that built itself almost inside out. It starts with this huge long lenth and each round draws it in more until it finally fits the standard 10" hankie. The hanky is silk and the thread is DMC 100.
I should take another pic that shows it full round. I will try that sometime. The long edges are made up of the motifs spread out more. I worked on this for months at the lunch table in my office. They were mesmerized. They usually are...but I have not had any one brave enough to try tatting. Some day.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

I am still needle tatting

Getting better again guys. Anyone care to help me figure out why my chains sometimes have a gap. I am working on a doily I got from Abby in the exchange. It is called the "Amusement doily". I do not know what book it is from. I am just copying from hers (while ruining my eyes)As I said, I am wayyyyy better with my shuttles than the needle. I just had to try it again. Oddly, though I think I gave my self some carpal tunnel witht the shuttle, the needle hurts the tip of my fingers. Guess I am getting old!! (50). I will post a picture later of my tatting needle project.

We're going to the Prom

Look at these amazing pics. My husband helps the kids with the prom every year. He takes their theme and helps them create the look. Usually it features some big piece he creates to set the tone, This year he made this from carved blocks of floral green foam, carved them down, then paper mached over it. Then we made the chair back and cushion. The kids will use this as a photo area...carefully I hope!! The base is hard woods so will take the weight. We are going to join them for the dinner. I can not wait to see how the class likes it! These kids really work.