Monday, January 09, 2012

I will be back soon!

I will be able to resume posting and if it goes well...podcast. Mycomputer completely died and i have a new one coming tomorrow at last!!I have been reading and minimally involved.via a Nook tablet or my netbook. Neither of these have enuf capacity to produce a podcast. I have a lot to catch up!

After I get set up and have my data transferred I will be in business. Look to talk of what we to you all then and postvsome pictures of whats been on the needles,shuttles, and wheel!
See ya!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Boy it's a shame ya missed the "Real" video

I tried to upload a full vodcast last weekend but it just was not gonna work for me.  It was not too bad either!!

Still working same projects this month.  Will soon have FOs to show and picture.  Here is a smale sample of the video though...Beware...its raw un-edited...but shows my prgress.  The demo refers to the fact that this is new and unedited

Wow...I need a facelift!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Well....I THOUGHT the computer was fine.....

But I was wrong.  The power source helped but it has still not been good.  I do have this NetBook from Dell, but I don't use it for posting the big stuff like podcasts.  I think it is now ok, so I am going to attempt a 'cast as soon as possible.  I lost the last two attempts I made since May episode.  The good thing is I have LOTS to chat about!

Also lost cell phone this week so I am waiting for a iPhone 4. Nah, I can't wait for the "5".  I poured coffee in my Blackberry Bold which I really liked.  I need a better device for medical stuff for work I busted out the money and it should be here soon.  I hate spending money on a tele!  It is like car buyer's remorse!!  Argh!!

I have pics to post making progress on tatting without pain.  YEAH!!  I was MONTHS before I could touch it!

So, until a bit later.....See ya!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tatting Revamped and Knitting Like Crazy

I am Sooooo glad I am well again and tatting and knitting is going great!  I was sick off and on all winter with bronchitis then as if that wasn't bad enough, the computer broke.. Had to replace the power supply, but it all seems better now.

I this episode I finished my review of...which simply means I told much I love it!

How I Spin from Rita Buchanan
See new colors....I want I want!
Lizbeth from Handy Hands

Threads from Lacemaker

Lacis and others!!

I also really loved this months CMF May Columbia fiber (pics will come later.

I am tatting bookmarks galore after a month hiatus to rest hands and let tendonitis heal.  Things seem better now.
I am still working on Maltese rings, and Clunies and looking to expand into some other "new to me" techniques!!

I finished Fountain Pen Shawl from Interweave Summer 2009

And am now making socks from Favorite Socks Waving Lace Socks, and some wash cloths
Reviewed Signature Needles...DPN, Single Points and Circulars...Luv them!!
Welcome back to regulares, welcome in to newbies...Be back soon!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Computer Crash + Illness = No Podcast

Just a brief note to tell ya all I am hoping I can do a podcast soon.  I was sick with bronchitis most of April and was unable to talk for long periods without wheezing!  Now I am better....

Computer broke down and this netbook is not the best for podcasting.  I am going to try to put up a little one from here...this weekend.  A LOT to talk about!!  I had made a video cast I will try to get up here.  I have not figured out how to "get it out" of the camera.

I have more knitting done thab tatting but am still on an Iris project and am sooo itching to buy a new shuttle!!

Stay tuned